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Fall 2002. Volume 46. Number 2 





Ted Staunton: 

The First Five Years 

Andrean writer Jim McGillivray's 
in-deptli interview with S.A.C.'s 
seventh Headmaster sheds light 
on his dreams for the future. 

Portrait of a Patriarch 

Seventy-five years after the 
dedication of Dunlap Hall, we look 
back at the career of one of our 
great philanthropists and his family 
in the years since his passing. 

Annual Report 2001-2002 

Read the Headmaster's Prize Day 
Report on school life in 2001-2002 
and the myriad of activities at which 
our students excel. 

Community Service 

Andreans of today reach out and 
contribute to the world around them 
in many ways. Wendy Pries and Mark 
Service tell us how. 


Read about saying farewell to the 
Tuck Shop, Old Boys' News, and 
Looking Back. Enjoy! 


Fall 2002, Volume 46, number 2 

is published by 

St. Andrew's College, for alumni, 

parents and friends of the School. 


Jim Herder '64 


Edna J. Collins, James M'Gillivray 
David L. Rea '53, Stnian Robertson '84 
Michael D. Roy '85, Ken Ryan 
Sandra L Scott 








FALL '02 

1 C VE R S T RY Macdonald house 

Read about the evolution of boarding at S.A.C. as the Galajda family 
creates a 'home away from home' for our youngest Andreans. 

29 SPECIAL REPORT campus master plan 

Special Report #2 on the changes and the beginning of construction 
for Phase 1 of the Campus Master Plan. 

Web SIti 


fiMF^ [CEsg (g^ 


FRONT COVER: The Galajda family with 
Macdonald House students in June 2002. 

(1-r) Back Row: Jamie Lawson, Taylor Walker, 
Adam Do, Chris Simpson, Shingo Nishioka, 
Veronica Galajda & David Galajda. 

(1-r) Front Row: Diego Morales, 
Hamilton Petropoulos, Matthew Galajda 
& Christina Galajda. 

Photo by John Trigiani Photography. 

INSIDE PHOTO CREDITS: The School Archives, 
Jim Herder '64, Stephen Kimmerer, Jim 
McGillivray, Doris Poirier-Maclver. Struan 
Robertson '84, Michael Roy '85, Ken Ryan, 
Lu Taskey, Stephen Treasure and The Review. 


,:^'.v -iyj.' 


David Galajda 


Welcome to Macdonald House, the 2002 edition! If a Macdonald House 
Old Boy were to return today, he would find residential life has evolved 
greatly since his time. This past year saw the implementation of 
several initiatives and changes that added to the shared sense of spirit and 
community While Macdonald House can never quite be home for our boarding 
students, many felt it was their 'home away from home' by year's end. Recent 
research indicates that boys greatly benefit and can achieve a high standard of 
self-control and self-discipline in an environment that allows them the freedom 
to be physically active; where 'boy' behaviour is considered normal and healthy 
and creates an environment in which boys feel that acceptance. In fact, when 
boys feel full acceptance, studies show they engage more meaningfully in the 
learning experience in school, and develop self-esteem and emotional literacy 
that will allow them to develop strong, healthy and emotional lives'. 

In Macdonald House this year, we implemented several programs that were 
'meaningful experiences' to our boarding students. These experiences were 
meant to guide, nurture and allow each student to grow at his own pace, all 
the while being supported by many 'big brothers' and role models around him. 
Some key points of the new programs and initiatives implemented include: 

' Raising Cain— Protecting tlw Emotional Lives of Boys, Dan Kindlon and Michael Tliompsvn. Ballanline Books, gOOO. 

I. The creation of a website and the 
addition of our Macdonald House 
Holiday banquet to establish better 
and more effective lines of 
communication between parents, 
residents and the Housemasters. 

Regular news in The Highlander, 
a publication for current parents, 
and tiie establisiiment of our own 
frequently-updated website 
added to our communication with 
parents and students. The website 
contains over 4,000 photos so parents 
can see their son in action. The website 
contains the latest information for 
parents regarding key events, dates 
and times — click on 'Calendar' for 
weekly activities. We invite all Mac 
residents, past, present and future, to 
log-on and see some of the programs 
and faces in the residence today! 

Another addition was the creation of 
the Macdonald House Holiday banquet 
in December, complete with a student- 
created Newsletter, which saw over 
190 guests, students and their parents 
in the Great Hall for what was a very 
memorable evening. This year's Holiday 
Banquet is Tuesday, December 17th, 
so Macdonald House parents should 
circle that date! 

Mac resident Chris Simpson and family 
arrive for the banquet! 

II. To create an awareness and 
promote Middle School Boarding 
in the S.A.C. community. 

Macdonald House held two open 
houses this past year for boarding 
parents as well as Middle School day 
parents. We found that many day 
parents were unaware of the range 
of activities offered and the flexible 
schedule that allows for our boarding 
students to visit with their off-campus 
friends. Several 'sleep-overs' enabled 
students to host day boys or friends 
from home. Prospective boarders were 
'shadowed' to make their overnight 
experience memorable. 


rirjer nil 

^ b 13 a .. 

II r 

R ;;; 




named in honour of 
Dr. D. Bruce Macdonald 

Headmaster 1900-1935 


FOR Middle School Boarders 



Thomas B.D. Tudball 
Geoffrey S. O'Brian 


John L. Wright 
William P. Skinner '47 
Ted E. Harrison 
Michael J. Hanson 
Robert Giel 
David Galajda 

A grade sleep-over in the Games l{oom 
added late-night excitement! 

III. Improve the level of academic 
achievement in boarding and 
promote leadership positions 
within the residence. 

This year a Macdonald House Council, 
with elected representatives from grades 
6-9, worked closely with their House 
Captains and the Housemasters in 
order to contribute to boarding life 
in a positive and meaningful way. 
They achieved several of their goals 
with positive changes which made 
their House a better place in which 
to live and work. Leadership 
committees for Sports, E.xtra-Curricular, 
Mac Newsletter, Holiday Banquet, 
PowerPoint Slide Show and 
International Committee were created 
and many students got involved 
and made a difference this year! 

In addition, the Macdonald House 
Gold, Silver and Bronze .Achievement 
Awards were established. These 
incorporate the School's focus on the 
development of the complete man — in 
mind, body, heart and spirit. Students 
applied for the award in June and will 
be presented with their pins during 
our annual Holiday banquet. 

/ s • ». 

The Macdonald Council, 

2001 - 2002 

Front Row (l-r) Chris Simpson, 

Alejandro Ortiz, ,Iack Ilui, Henry Liu and 

Justin Lemieux-Reale 

Back Row (l-r) Kris Wells, Justin Nozuka, 

Ola Ojo, Chang Boo. Ryan Luther, 

Patrick McBane and Luis Meneses 


The role and duties of a House 
Captain — also known as a 'big 
brother' — were modified this year 
A House Captain is a senior student 
who applies for the position of House 
Captain in his grade 11 year. Each HC 
was assigned three or four 'little 
brothers' to watch over, mentor and 
nurture. In this way, every student — 
especially new boys — will have a 
'friendly face' to help them get into the 
routine of S.A.C. and boarding life when 
they first arrive. A team of three HC's 
walked the residence during study prep 
period, helping to answer questions or 
provide study tips. Next year two 
additional Heads of House will add to 
our supervision and nurturing of our 
younger 'little brothers'. 

Study is a very important and 
'special' time in the residence. Working 
closely with the Upper and Middle 
School Academic Directors, we are 
always interested in modifying and 
improving study skills and habits. For 
example, study for all residents now 
starts at 6:40 p.m. and runs until 8:30 
p.m. Students who require extra study 
can do so by working in the Macdonald 
House Library or in their rooms, from 
8:30 p.m. We have now added a 'Grade 6 
Study Teacher', Mrs. Shields, 
specifically for our grade 6 boarders. 
Many other study initiatives have been 
implemented to ensure that our 
residents develop a solid foundation 
to their study and organizational skills 
which will be with them for Upper 
School and the years to come! 

IV. Improve the overall health, both 
mental and physical, wellness and 
fitness of boarding students and ensure 
that students understand their 
responsibilities in the Macdonald 
House Community. 

Various clubs and activities were 
created by our Housemasters and Duty 
Masters this year Ben Kitagawa always 
had original activities — the Macdonald 
House Dog Show, for example; Jamie 
Inglis ran the Rocket Club; David 
Joiner, the Astronomy Club; Don Finlay 
and Dan Reid ran the Board Games 
Club and Chess Club while the 
^^The Third Curriculum, J. W. Evans, Avocus Publishing Inc., 2000. 

Housemasters ran the Fitness and 
Weight Club. All activities were fun, 
informative and unique learning 
opportunities. The Macdonald House 
Olympics provided an opportunity to 
watch our young athletes show who the 
best athlete was in their House in a two- 
day varied event competition. And who 
could forget the various soccer 
tournament matches, ice hockey games, 
baseball on the triangle, the ping 
pong/pool tournament and the many 
board game tournaments held 
throughout the year! 

During Pitch-In Canada week, 
our students were presented with a 
Certificate of Participation for cleaning 
and planting shrubs in Machell Park, 
S.A.C.'s adopted Town park. In addition, 
HC Michael Lin organized a park clean- 
up that was well attended by all 
Macdonald House residents! 

A Birthday Bash about to get 
under way! 

V. Ensure that Macdonald House has 
the facilities, resources and staff 
required to provide a safe, secure, fun 
and comfortable residential lifestyle. 

With the dedicated team of Assistant 
Housemasters Nick Tsioros and Dave 
Stewart, a Resident Don, and the Duty 
Master assisting me, Macdonald House 
had the personnel in place to provide a 
safe, secure, fun and comfortable 
residence. Top that off with fifteen 'big 
brother' House Captains, and the House 
was very pro-active in dealing with day- 
to-day issues and events. In fact. House 
Captains and Middle School students 
took part in a discussion group with Mr 
Randy Ketterling on 'How to Build a 
Healthy Community' which tackled such 
issues as bullying and social 
development. The Games Room was 

renovated and a Nintendo Room was 
added in the basement. Finally, weekday 
and weekend special activities such as 
bowling nights made for a good place 
to work hard and play hard! 

Special thanks go to Mrs. Susan 
Scott who served as Ladies' Guild 
coordinator of events for our monthly 
birthday bashes and 'mall runs'. The 
involvement of the Guild in Macdonald 
House greatly added to the activities 
and social development of all residents. 

VI. Develop a 'Residential Curriculum' 
to emphasize our commitment to our 
boarding residents. 

This past year we developed many 
activities, programs and leadership 
opportunities that helped our boys 
grow. Wednesday nights were shoe- 
shine nights and Thursday nights in 
Macdonald House were known as 
'Formal Room Inspection Night' when 
individuals in the S.A.C. community, 
including the Headmaster, Old Boys and 
Board members, visited and met with 
each and every boarding student. Rooms 
were inspected for organization and 
cleanliness, but more importantly, our 
boarders, especially the younger ones, 
were re-introduced to the lost art of 
shaking hands and greeting and meeting 
properly The difference from the start 
to the end of the year was incredible! 

Now that we have established a 
Residential Life Programme, our next 
biggest challenge for this year is to 
provide a full year Residential Life 
Boarding Curriculum that teaches our 
boarding students about values and 
issues in a responsible and appropriate 
manner It is hoped that students will 
become aware of and understand others' 
values and beliefs and learn to prize 
the values they cherish, then behave 
in ways that reflect these values.- It 
is my belief that a Residential Life 
Curriculum is a vital part of a child's 
education, as it nurtures a child's moral 
and social development in issues such 
as respect, responsibility, integrity, 
caring, fairness and citizenship.^ 1 
look forward to working with various 
members of the Andrean Community 
to teach these important life skills. 


Class of 1994 Room Inspectors Geoff 
Brennagh, D'Arcy Sweet and Craig 
McFarlane checking out the rooms! 

Thanks go to everyone involved 
in making Macdonald House such 
a dynamic and fun place to be — 
especially the students, my wife 
Veronica and children Kristina and 
Matthew. If you're an Old Boy, drop 
by during Homecoming or visit us at 
to see what Macdonald House life 
is like in 2002! 

David Gal^da 

David Galajda is the ninth 
Housemaster of Macdonald House. 
David joined the faculty in 1987 and 
has recently completed his fifteenth 
year teaching and coaching at 
St. Andrew's. He served as an Assistant 
Housemaster in Macdonald House for 
six years; as Housemaster of Ramsey 
House from 1999-2001, and as Head 
of the Science Department before 
becoming Housemaster of Macdonald 
House in 2001. He coached S.A. C. 
Varsity Track and Field for eight years 
before devoting himself to First Hockey 
from 1992-1999, and currently coaches 
UM hockey. Dave and his wife Veronica, 
and children Kristina and Matthew live 
in the Housemaster's residence in 
Macdonald House. 

David D. Stewart 

David came to St. Andrew's College 
from Queen's University in September 
of 2000 to become the Resident Don in 
Macdonald House. He continues to live 
in the House as Assistant Housemaster 
and is a full-time teacher of Canadian 
History in the Department of Social 
Sciences and the Humanities. 

He earned his Bachelor of Arts 
(Hons.) in History, with a minor in 
Drama, from Queen's in 1996 and 
completed his academic training there 
in 1998 with a Bachelor of Education. 
He then spent two years working for 
the Recruitment Office at Queen's as 
the Eastern Canadian/Northeastern 
United States Representative, travelling 
around Canada and the United States 
promoting the University In 1999, he 
visited S.A.C. and decided he wanted 
to be a part of this unique community. 

As an active playwright, David's plays 
have appeared throughout Ontario, 
including major presentations at 
Carletoii and Queen's. His works include 

a First World War play titled 
"A Worthy Son" and a Holocaust play, 
"Kiddush Hachayim" (The Sanctification 
of Life), produced at S.A.C. in the spring 
of 2001 and winner of best dramatic 
production at the Sears Drama Festival, 
2000. He is currently working on his 
final play in a trilogy of the First World 
War and revising the stage version of his 
radio play, 'What Love Can do to a 
Gentle Man Born." 

While at S.A.C, David has coached 
both the U16 football team and the U14 
hockey team. He organized the Middle 
School Remembrance Day Ceremony 
and, with David Kyle, organized the 
S.A.C. Holocaust Remembrance 
Ceremony In March of 2003, David, 
along with Mr. Tony Myrans, will 
accompany a group of historj- students 
on the school's "Tour of Remembrance", 
a tour of the battlefields of the First and 
Second World Wars. Recently, David has 
been named the faculty representative 
for the SAC. A.s.sociation. 





. m 



The annual Carol Se. 





On July 1st, 2002, 
Ted Staunton reached 
the five-year mark as 
Headmaster of St. Andrew's 
College. He arrived in 1997 
from Lower Canada College 
in Montreal, where he had 
been Headmaster for eight 
years. Prior to that he was 
Headmaster of Balmoral Hall 
School for Girls in Winnipeg 
from 1986-1989. He began 
his career at Trinity College 
School in 1973 where he 
learned the ropes as a 
teacher, coach. Housemaster, 
and eventually Head of 
History. He and wife 
Jane live in the official 
Headmaster's residence 
where all six heads have 
lived since Dr. Bruce ., 

Macdonald in 1926. Ted 
and Jane have three ' 
daughters: Rebecca, 29, 
who is Head of English at 
Langstaff Secondary School 
in Richmond Hill; Emily, 26, 
who works with a Toronto 
advertising firm, and 
Elizabeth, 18, who attends 
school in Montreal. 

Ted considers the five-year 
point to be a major milestone 
for any Headmaster, so on 
May 29, Andrean writer 
Jim McGillivray talked to 
him about his tenure so 
far at St. Andrew's College. 


Headmaster Ted Staunton presents the 
Robert Meagher Language Arts Award to 

Jose Salas at the Middle School Prize 

Day ceremony. The award is presented in 

memory of Bob Meagher to the student 

in the Middle School whose first 

language is neither English nor French 

and who makes outstanding progress in 

either of Canada's official languages. 

Was St. Andrew's College 
what you expected when 
you arrived here? 

I knew St. Andrew's very well as a 
Toronto resident and as an independent 
school product myself, so it was pretty 
much what I expected. In 1996, the 
Board's Selection Committee was 
looking for an individual with boarding 
school experience because sustaining 
the residential program at S.A.C. was an 
important part of the School's strategic 
plan. They also wanted someone with 
all-around experience, so there was a 
good fit. I also knew of the School's 
strong traditions — in academics, sports, 
cadets, chapel — and 1 was asked 
whether 1 believed in those traditions 
and whether I would support their 
continuing. 1 hope I've done 
justice to that. 

Why did you leave 
Lower Canada College? 

I was in my eighth year at L.C.C., 
which arguably is a crossroads of sorts 
for a Headmaster. The school had 
undergone a successful transformation 
to co-ed in 1994; it was three-quarters 
of the way through a capital campaign, 
and plans for new facilities had been 
completed. Enrollment had gone from 
585 to 700 with co-ed, and things were 
running smoothly However, we were 
anxious to return to Ontario. Both sets 
of parents live here, and with our time 
in Winnipeg included, we had been 
away 1 1 years. So Jane and I felt it 
was time to return to our roots. 

What are some of the 
differences between 
St. Andrew's and L.C.C? 

Lower Canada College has similar 
traditions, and, it was a boarding school 
early in its history, but that's where the 
similarities end. It's a large, urban, day 
school situated on eight acres of land 
in the middle of a busy city 
neighbourhood. It doesn't have a 
Chapel, cadets or a cricket team, 
but it does have 250 girls. 

Did the fact that it became co- 
ed change the way you worked? 

Not really. L.C.C. was an all-boys' 
school from 1909-1992, but there was 
a great opportunity for one Montreal 
school to break from the pack. It is very 
competitive in that city; there are 22 
independent schools within a radius 
of five miles. L.C.C, for a number of 
valid reasons, decided that co-ed was 
something that would benefit its 
students, so they approached the 
implementation strategically and it 
has been very successful. The girls 
presented us with different challenges, 
of course, but basically it is just 
working with young people. 

There have been lots of changes 
since you arrived here. How do 
you think the School needs to 
change in the next 10 years to 
remain at the forefront of 
independent school education? 

When I arrived in 1997, we had a 
comprehensive strategic planning 
process which involved representatives 
from all S.A.C. constituencies. I learned 
a great deal about the School from 
these individuals, and during this 
process. After spending a day together, 
we reaffirmed the mission of the School 
and created a vision for the short term. 
We also identified numerous strategic 
initiatives in nine key areas of school 
life. The changes you mention are a 
direct result of the strategic initiatives 
created by members of the S.A.C. 
faculty, staff, students, parents 
and alumni. 

There were 137 strategic initiatives 
contained in the final Strategic 
Planning Agenda; all were completed 
by June 2000. As to the next five to ten 
years, I believe we have a clear vision. 
The construction of a separate Middle 
School building will allow us to 
establish a true school-within-a-school 
Middle School concept serving the 
unique needs of adolescent boys. The 
renovation of Dunlap Gymnasium into 
a superior Art Centre will allow us to 
further the artistic talents of the boys. 
This important new facility will be the 
first step in the upgrade of S.A.C. Arts 
facilities. We need better music and 
drama areas to allow the faculty and 
boys to display their talents. 

By September 2003, all of our 
buildings will be equipped with 
wireless transmitters to allow 
500-1- boys and 6O-1- faculty to operate 
their laptop computers effectively. 
So, there won't be too many dull 
moments in the next few years. 



What does the School need 
most right now? 

Aside from the new facilities 
previously mentioned, I thini< we need 
faculty with specific skill sets that can 
further the concept of 'centres of 
excellence'. With so many faculty 
retirements in the past few years, 
combined with the various changes that 
we have made to our program, we need 
faculty who have specialized training to 
lead these programs to excellence. Jim, 
at the risk of embarrassing you, the 
Piping program is a perfect example. 
In order to establish piping as a Centre 
of Excellence, the School needed your 
expertise and leadership. Brian McCue 
provided the other missing ingredient 
by bringing his skills and enthusiasm to 
the drumming program. Now we have 
a Pipes and Drums program which is 
the envy of schools around the world. It 
attracts top-notch students to S.A.C., 
and enhances the overall reputation of 
St. Andrew's College. William Secular 
brings to the Drama program at S.A.C., 
unique experience, expertise aod 
contacts that very few other drama 
teachers can match. Subsequently, he 
has developed the program here into 
a nationally recognized Centre of 
Excellence. Our Athletics and 
Technology programs are other 
examples. It's only with time and a clear 
vision that we can bring to S.A.C. the 
right faculty skill sets in order to create 
other centres of excellence. Of course 
we can't have 57 centres of excellence 
either. I would like to think that we 
could have seven to ten, make them 
our trademark, and build on them 
for the next hundred years. 

So how does the concept of 
'centres of excellence' affect 
what the average teacher does 
on a day-to-day basis? 

Admittedly, some people might 
interpret the term 'centres of 
excellence' as marketing jargon that is 
only used for advertising purposes, but 

quite frankly, rarely a day goes by that 
I don't think about the concept. Our 
classroom teachers can contribute 
significantly to making the academic 
program a centre of excellence. They 
can push themselves in areas such as 
teaching creatively, using our new 
technology, developing stimulating 
lesson plans, and taking advantage of 
professional development opportunities. 
Most teachers want a stimulating 
intellectual environment in which 
to teach — that is our goal here and 
everyone can play a role in its 

Could you define the Head's 
relationship with the Board of 
Governors and the Board's role 
in running the School? 

Fortunately, I have a very good 
working relationship with the Chairman 
of the Board, Brian Armstrong, and the 
rest of the Governors. 1 think that this is 
so because we operate with a clear set 
of guidelines. Basically the Board of 
Governors sets policies and the faculty 
and I implement them. The Board has 
one employee, and that is the 
Headmaster. The Board, particularly the 
Chair, has to work closely with the Head 
to develop policies that relate to the 
vision. Even though Board meetings are 
infrequent, five per year, there are many 

Board committee meetings throughout 
the year, and I speak with the Chairman 
every week. A strong Board-Head 
relationship usually means a strong 

Do original ideas for new 
initiatives come from the 
Board or the staff? 

Both. It is a collaborative process. 
The Headmaster must take the lead, 
however, in terms of identifying issues 
of importance for the Board to consider. 
The Head of School is also in a better 
position to know the needs of the school 
in the short and long term, and can 
attempt to convince the Board to follow 
that advice. If there was a different 
person sitting in this chair, we might 
be building a hockey rink, instead of a 
Middle School. I don't think we need 
athletic facilities at the School right 
now. We have sufficient athletic 
facilities; we need classrooms and fine 
arts facilities, and it looks as if we're 
going to get them. 

Do you think we will one day 
be a co-ed school? 

No, I really don't see it. We have 
strong traditions associated with an all- 
male environment. All the independent 

Cadets, and the School'.s traditions, are very important to the School's seventh Headmaster. 
Cadet Commanding Officer for 2002, Michael Reid is at left. 



The Piping program continues to grow and prosper under tire leadership of former World 

Champion Piper Jim McGillivray. Three of the School's top pipers are (1-r) Andrew Douglas 

'03, Ian Wright '02 and Matthew Mitchell '04. 

schools north of Toronto are co-ed; we 
provide parents with an alternative. 
For me, it's about spirit. There is 
nothing that can compare to the spirit 
found in a single-sex school, and if we 
can all do our jobs and carry on with the 
initiatives we started five years ago, 
there will not be a school anywhere to 
rival this one. 

If you had a son attending 
St. Andrew's, what would you 
most encourage him to acquire 
while he was here? 

That's easy I would want him to 
develop a strong value system that 
would sustain him in all aspects of his 
life after he left the School. We offer a 
comprehensive academic, athletic, and 
co-curricular program, but the most 
valuable aspect of a St. Andrew's 
education is the values the boys take 
away with them. Do we teach them to 
respect other cultures? Do we teach 
them the importance of academic 
integrity? Do we encourage them to 
adopt a healthy lifestyle? Through 
positive role-modeling, do we teach 
them the value of respect, honour and 
courtesy? These are the values that 
have been in place here since 1899, are 
in place now, and will hopefully carry 

on. That's the most important thing I 
hear from the Old Boys I've run into 
in various walks of life in the last five 
years. Our alumni are, by and large, 
outstanding individuals with strong 
value systems in their lives, and they 
attribute this to their education here. 

What one thing about the 
School would you most like 
to change? 

Well it would be nice to have another 
entrance/exit to the campus, but that's 
not going to happen! 

A key supporter of the School 
recently said to me, "Ted, how long are 
you going to be at the School?" I said, 
"Why" Arid he said, "because the vision 
will change with the next Headmaster". 
That struck me as an interesting 
perspective, because I see my successor 
carrying on with a similar mandate, but 
with a different style. Each Headmaster 
doesn't need to be a change agent! 
I also don't want to be part of a 
philosophy that espouses change for 
the sake of change. The changes we've 
made thus far have been well-thought 
out, and I believe they will withstand 
the test of time. 

What one thing about your 
position here as Headmaster 
would you most like to change? 

In all sincerity, not much. With the 
time commitment that is involved with 
the Campus Master Plan campaign and 
the various construction committees, 
I've had to give up teaching and 
coaching. I think this has affected my 
perspective to the point where I would 
prefer to return to the classroom and 
teach a course. The daily interaction 
with the boys is still the most enjoyable 
element of my job, so the more I have of 
that the better. 

What combination of skills do 
you think a Headmaster needs 
to have to do this job 

It has become evident that one has to 
have a number of basic survival skills 
these days. The tenure of Heads in 
independent schools in Canada has 
gone from 22 years to 4.7 years in the 
past decade. That says a lot about the 
changing nature of the position, and the 
resulting pressures. 1 believe that one 
has to be able to relate well to all school 
constituents; students, faculty, parents 
and alumni. You need to be a politician 
of sorts to deal with the multitude of 
issues that these groups present. It is 
not easy for an Old Boy to understand 
why the boys are walking on the quad 
now. The boys are walking and playing 
on the quad now because the 
Housemasters wanted an ice rink on the 
quad. A hockey rink was created this 
winter so it's a bit foolish to turn around 
and say they can't walk on the quad 
now. A Head has to have his or her 
finger on the pulse of all of the interests 
and needs of all these constituent 
groups, including the Board of 
Governors. If the Head is not in touch 
with these various factions and cannot 
communicate with them about today's 
needs, then it will be a very short 



If it were 20 years ago, and you 
were starting over as a teacher 
and Imew what you know now, 
would you work towards a 
Headmaster position again, 
and why? 

Yes, even though it has become a 
much more complex job than it was 
fifteen to twenty years ago. Every aspect 
of life these days is faster paced, and 
schools are no different. We seem to be 
caught up in the frenzy of contemporary 
life. Families spend less time together 
and therefore the schools have to cover 
a multitude of issues that they didn't 
have to in a previous era. Nonetheless, 
it is a gratifying job, knowing that you 
are playing an important role in 
providing a boy with experiences of a 
lifetime. How many other professions 
can say that? 

Do you hope to retire from 
St. Andrew's? 

The Board of Governors will have 
something to say about that, but I hope 
so. Predicting the future is next to 
impossible, so 1 would just like to take 
each year as it comes and see how 
things go. S.A.C.'s future plans are very 
exciting, so I would like to be around to 
savour them. 

Which of your accomplishments 
here makes you most proud? 

Well, next to getting rid of that awful 
bump at the entrance to the main 
gates.... No, seriously, 1 think there are 
two. One is the role I played in 
resurrecting the Cricket program at 
S.A.C. and the ensuing three successive 
CIS Championships, and the other is the 
success we have had re-building the 
residential program that now has a 
waiting list of top-quality boys. 

If it was 10 or 15 years down 
the road, and Will Scoular was 
writing the second volume of 
Not an Ordinary Place, how 
would you like your legacy 

I think it would be nice to be 
remembered in terms of having made a 
significant contribution to the overall 
reputation of the institution. That the 
vision established in my time was 
carried out to the fullest and the 
various improvements implemented 
made a difference for the boys, the 
faculty and staff. That would be the 
ultimate compliment for me. 

How woidd you change the 
delivery of education if 
money was no object? 

Again, I'd go back to the skill sets of 
our faculty We have not yet had the 
opportunity or the budget because it 
has been allocated elsewhere, but I 
think the School needs to create 
'academic chairs', in a university sense, 
for various key disciplines in the School. 
We need to attract exceptional people 
with skill sets that can't be duplicated 
easily, and bring them here and have 
them contribute to the centres of 
excellence notion. 

How has your being a 
Headmaster affected life 
for your wife Jane? 

I've been extremely fortunate in the 
level of support that Jane brings to me 
and the schools with which we have 
been associated. S.A.C. is, however, a 
most demanding site for a spouse. There 
really isn't a dull moment living 
amongst 540 boys and 60 staff. You have 
to enjoy this kind of environment. 
Fortunately, Jane loves it and it shows 
in everything she does around here. She 
does not involve herself in the day-to- 
day running of the school, but 
contributes in any way she can. Due to 

the fact that it is a 6 to 7-day-a-week Job 
for me, she finds areas of school 
life to which she can contribute. She 
teaches English frequently, writes, 
directs and performs in school plays, 
serves on the Ladies' Guild Executive, 
tends to the aesthetics of the Chapel 
and other school buildings and 
entertains constantly. I'm blessed! 

Do you think independent 
school teachers should be 
paid more than public 
school teachers? 

Absolutely An old word, which is 
seldom used now, is 'Master,' and it 
means 'a teacher, plus, plus, plus, plus.' 
With all due respect to the teachers in 
the public system, the vast majority of 
them focus on classroom teaching only. 
Their day usually runs from 8 a.m. to 4 
p.m. Conversely, most independent 
schools require their faculty to teach, 
coach, and do duty in the residences. 

I spend a lot of time with prospective 
faculty trying to determine if they 
actually want to come here once I've 
explained the expectations of a 
"Master". It is an all-consuming 
profession, but that is what is so 
stimulating and enriching about life 
at schools like this. It is what makes 
independent schools so unique. You've 
got to attract the right people to these 
schools. If you don't get the right fit, you 
have an unhappy individual and an 
unhappy school. We have been fortunate 
over the years in our ability to attract 
outstanding faculty and staff who go the 
extra mile for the institution and they 
must be compensated accordingly. 

What are your priorities for 
the next five years here? 

Again, staying on the course we 
established in 1999. Once the new 
facilities are completed in the fall of 
2003, we should be able to make 
significant strides with our strategic 
plan. The new technology plan is also 
very exciting. Every classroom teacher 

received a laptop computer this year. 
The 2002-03 academic year will be a 
transition year as they develop their 
skills with this form of technology 
before the boys receive laptops in 
September 2003. There is also the 
issue of the double graduating class 
in June 2003. Successfully managing 
this phenomenon is definitely a priority. 

What traditions at 

the School do you eiyoy most? 

I'm pausing because there are so 
many of them. I absolutely love Chapel 
in the morning. I love the Carol Service. 
1 love the Cadet month, the piping and 
drumming component, the whole regalia 
associated with Inspection Day, the look 
of the scarlet tunics in the sun and the 
way the boys rise to the occasion. 1 love 
the School's sports component and the 
pride the boys have in their School. 
Some of the new or renewed traditions 
are doing well too. The five-year-old 
tradition of appointing Prefects in the 
Chapel is a fantastic event to witness. 
The Middle School lunch on Wednesday, 
when the boys practice the Latin grace, 
and (hopefully their table manners!) 
is becoming a fixture in the week. 
Maintaining old traditions and patiently 
developing new ones are things we do 
well, and without question, tradition 
makes St. Andrew's College v/haif^ 
it is today. 

In June 1910, the 



Directors formally approved 
the title "Headmaster" in place 
of that of "Principal" which 
had been used since 1899. 


The School's Director of Connmunication Struan Robertson '84 
spearheaded the making of SPOTLIGHT-Stories fronn the 
FOCUS Festival of the Arts at St. Andrew's. Copies of the 
Connpact Disc are available for Old Boys, parents and friends of 
the College. The Drama program under William Secular's 
direction is one of the College's "Centres of Excellence". 
Four Old Boys produced the SPOTLIGHT Compact Disc: (l-r) 
Darcy Montgomery '92, Struan Robertson '84, 
Kiefer Sutherland '86 and Mike DeAngelis '92. Darcy 
and Mike, who are partners in Velvet Rope Productions, 
produced the video and Kiefer provided the voiceover. 





in Aurora, Ontario, Canada lias 
long been known as an 
academic and athletics tour 
de force. However, there 
is an artistic side to the 
school that you might 
not expect to see in 
an all-boys setting. 
Spotlight: Stories from 
the FOCUS Festival at 
St. Andrew's includes 
samples from three 
years of performances, 
telling the story of 
the arts activities that 
impact the campus each 
spring in the weeks 
leading up to and 
including the festival. 
Plays, cabarets, readings, 
music and visual arts 
abound around every corner 
of the property. The work is 
modern. It is thought-provoking. 
It is real. It is the students'. 

To order your complimentary copy of SPOTLIGHT 
please phone Tatiana Mitchell at 905.727.3178 ext. 282, 
or email at tatiana. mitchell(|) 


A portrait of David A. Dunlap was commissioned by the S.A.C. Foundation and unveiled in Dunlap Hall in April. Mr. Dunlap was a member of the 

Board of Governors from 1913 to 1924, the year of his death. Dunlap Hall was named in his honour in 1926 when the College re-located in Aurora. 

(1-r) Headmaster Staunton, portrait artist Mary Lennox Hourd and David M. Dunlap '56, grandson of Mr. Dunlap and current member of 

the Board of Governors. 

Jim McGillivray 

Dunlap Hall has stood since 1926 but 
it was only this past spring that its 
benefactor's portrait graced its walls. 
On April 10th, David M. Dunlap '56, a 
member of the Board of Governors, a 
past parent and an Old Boy, stood for 
a photo in front of the newly-hung 
portrait of his grandfather, David 
Alexander Dunlap, whose 1924 donation 
funded what became the School's 
administration building. That informal 
moment, christened with a handshake 
from Headmaster Staunton and Director 
of Development Jim Herder, was the 
culmination of Mr. Herder's efforts to 
ensure that all the original campus 
buildings are adorned with a likeness 
of their namesakes. 

The Dunlap patriarch had been a 
major business figure in Ontario in the 
first quarter of the twentieth century 
and his decision in 1913 to accept an 
invitation to join the Board of Governors 
of St. Andrew's College, then located in 
Toronto, began a relationship between 
the School and the Dunlap family that 
today is as strong as ever. "Although I 
never knew him, I am sure a major 
reason why my grandfather became 
involved with St. Andrew's was on 
account of its adherence to certain 
basic principles which remain important 
to this day," says David, Chairman of G. 
F. Thompson Co. Ltd., a manufacturer 
and distributor of specialty plumbing 
products. "Over and above the quality 
of education offered, the School has 
always stood for certain ethics, the 
same values that are important to 

people sending their children here 
today. That's certainly why my 
grandfather chose to send my 
own father to S.A.C. in 1920." 

Born in 1862, and a lawyer by 
profession, the elder Dunlap, in 
partnership with two Timmins brothers 
and two McMartin brothers, developed 
gold and silver mines in Northern 
Ontario in the early part of the last 
century. Their first success was the 
LaRose silver mine at Cobalt, Ontario, 
following which the same five went 
on to found what became known as 
Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mines 
at Timmins, Ontario. Hollinger 
commenced production in 1910 and 
soon became one of the largest gold 
mines in the world. The Dunlap wealth 
that subsequently accrued was put 
to good causes, including medical 



David A. Dunlap 

research at the University of Toronto, 
the Department of Radiology at The 
Toronto General Hospital, the Royal 
Ontario Museum, the Y.M.C.A., the 
Methodist Church of Canada and 
countless other worthy causes. 
Unfortunately Dunlap Hall here at 
St. Andrew's would not be completed 
until two years after his passing in 1924 
and so the first in a long line of Dunlaps 
associated with our School would never 
see the Aurora campus. Even so, the 
Dunlap philanthropy continued after 
his death, not only with the building at 
St. Andrew's which bears his name but 
with the David Dunlap Observatory in 
Richmond Hill, a gift to the University 
of Toronto by his widow as a memorial 
to her late husband. The Observatory, 
when it opened in 1935, contained the 
second largest reflecting telescope in 
the world. 

The elder Dunlap's son, D. Moffat 
Dunlap, graduated from St. Andrew's in 
1927, three years after his father's death 
and a year after the School moved to 
Aurora. He was a member of our 1926 
championship football team and later 
joined our Board of Governors in 1936 
on which he served for twenty years. His 
latter years were dogged by poor heath 

after serving overseas in the Canadian 
artillery in World War 11 and he died 
in 1957 at the young age of 47. 

Enter the current generations 
of Dunlaps, and David M. Dunlap '56, 
pictured on the opposite page. David 
clearly remembers that in 1952 he was 
an unwilling enroUee at St. Andrew's! 
He had just finished the Prep School 
at Upper Canada College and was 
looking forward to promotion to the 
Upper School there. Moving to archrival 
S.A.C. at his father's insistence was like 
committing treason, but even worse, 
Aurora in those days, for someone from 
Toronto, was "in the sticks"! He even 
confesses that as an unworldly 13-year- 
old, he wasn't at all sure he wanted to 
attend a school known for accepting 
a large number of students from other 
countries. As it subsequently turned 
out, two of his very best friends at the 
School were from Mexico and Lima, 
Peru. In fact, '56 Head Prefect, Michael 
Wood, then from Lima, remains a close 
friend to this day and was directly 
responsible for David spending 
almost two years in that country. 

David became a Prefect, a Scholar, 
a member of First Football and First 
Cricket, a Review editor and as a 
Lieutenant, was Adjutant of the Cadet 
Corps. Today, David is a long-time 
member of our Board of Governors, 
was Chairman of the S.A.C. Foundation 
from 1980 to 1991 and the father of 3 
Andreans. Eldest son Gregory '86 lives 
in Vancouver and is British Columbia 
Sales Manager for a manufacturer of 
electrical components. Nigel '88 also 
lives in Vancouver and is a salesman 
for a company there which provides 
janitorial services. David '96, a 
Commerce graduate from Queen's 
University, is currently attending the 
Berklee College of Music in Boston, 
hoping to graduate this Christmas as a 
jazz guitarist with a Bachelor of Music 
degree. Nephew John '87 is also a 
Queen's Commerce graduate and 

Dunlap Hall painted by Tino Paolini in 1997 

received his MBA from the Kellogg 
School of Management in Chicago. 
He has recently joined his father's 
real estate company David claims one 
distinction for his children which he 
believes is somewhat unique: when 
his daughter Holly graduated in 1993 
from St. Andrew's School, located in 
Middleton, Delaware, he could say with 
a wink that all his children, sons and 
daughter, graduated from St. Andrew's! 
Today, the Dunlap family has funded 
a new initiative. It is a bursary fund 
called The Dunlap Family Endowment 
which will be awarded for the first time 
this Fall. Because of the family's strong 
belief in the importance of family 
traditions at the School, it will be 
awarded to a son or grandson of a 
former leader of the School, quite 
possibly a former Head Prefect, who 
chooses a particularly worthy path 
in life after St. Andrew's but which 
path did not include the promise of 
financial reward, therefore precluding 
St. Andrew's as an educational option. 
The family hopes that by designing the 
bursary in this way, the tradition of 
having several generations of Andrean 
families in attendance over the years 
can be maintained. 


Excerpts from tributes paid to leaving faculty on May 29th, a joyous evening tinged with sadness, at which St. Andrew's College staff bid 

farewell to these members of the Andrean community. The tone, however, was one of celebration and the tributes by their colleagues gave 

us moving and som£times humourous profiles of these educators who collectively influenced a great number ofAndreans. 

'JC John Clements conducts his final Carol Service in 2001. 



Angela Phillips leaves St. Andrew's to take up her position as Director of Academics at 

Royal St. George's in Toronto. Old Boys and current students wish her well in her 

new School! Here she presents the Rupert Ray Trophy for Middle School Public 

speaking to Justin Lemieux-Reale. 


The Rev. Robert J. Arril, S.A.C. 1988-2002 

Paying tribute to Bob is a daunting 
challenge. How can one do justice to 
the full scope and measure of his life 
and his contribution to St. Andrew's 

Actually, the best person to do the 
talking tonight is Bob himself. After all, 
as chaplain and chief custodian of the 
English language at S.A.C. he has the 
best writers on his side. Really. . .how 
can 1 compete with Matthew, Mark, 
Luke and John? 

Bob and I were discussing 
'hermeneutics' the other day. What's 
'hermeneutics'? I hear you say. OK. I 
confess to you and Bob that after our 
deep intellectual discussion I had to 
race back to the Towers Library to look 
the word up. My point is that Bob is like 
that. His mind races sublimely, skipping 
along; sometimes soaring above the 
clouds. You have to make a great effort 

to keep up with it. He is witty, urbane, 
highly intelligent, articulate, and 
eloquent. I used to challenge my OAC's 
in class every morning after chapel to 
an intellectual wrestling match wherein 
we would see whether or not we had 
been able to stay in the ring and go the 
distance with Bob. Did we rise to the 
challenge of adding new words to our 
vocabulary? For Bob's vocabulary is 
dazzling. As a former S.A.C. debating 
coach, he is ferociously hungry for 
debate whether in English or French. 
Strange, when you think of it, that a 
man with English skills so keenly 
honed and polished would arrive 
on our doorstep in 1988 to teach. .. 
French! But then Bob's like that. 

Bob has that great gift of being able 
to reach out to boys from different faiths 
and from different cultural traditions; 
to inspire and give them hope to look 
towards better things to come; to 
challenge them to give their best; to 
speak with great feeling and emotional 
power and yet when the time required 
it, to speak with delicate precision so as 
to give comfort to those who bear heavy 
burdens. Bob spoke daily to remind us 
of our Andrean traditions so that we 
may live up to our St. Andrew's creed 
to do all our deeds in charity. 

Like many of us tonight will testify, 
1 never came away from a chapel 
service without being impressed in 
some way; never left without feeling 
uplifted, invigorated, or even just glad 
to know we had a colleague like Bob at 
St. Andrew's; never left chapel without 
feeling how privileged the School was 
to have him: a staunch colleague, a loyal 
friend. How privileged we were to have 
him talking to us, guiding us, 
counselling us. For Bob has been there 
over the years for us all. He has married 
Andreans and he has presided over their 
passing away from us. His comforting 
and kind words have given compassion 
to our community when it was 
most needed. 

Stephen Treasure 






Michel Cameron SAC. 1994-2002 

John C. Clements S.A.C. 1976-2002 

David Gaertner S.A.C. 1989-2002 

When thinking about what I wanted 
to say tonight about Michel, I was 
obviously drawn to football. To me, 
Michel is synonymous with football. 
I suppose'that is why I was asked to 
speak on his behalf. Michel and 1 have 
coached together now for eight years. 
The first conversation we ever had 
was about football. In fact, most of 
the conversations we've had since 
then have been about football. 

If the focus of tonight's tribute was 
going to be about one of Michel's other 
many areas of interest, I'm sure they'd 
have found someone else to speak. In 
fact, I think they tried hard to find 
someone else, and they did ask Mrs. 
Michelle to explain what exactly 
Michel's other interests were . . . 
she didn't know. 

No one who has watched Michel 
coach young kids would ever doubt his 
resolve or integrity. Indeed, the acronym 
that the football team has adopted in 
the last few years. . . strength, integrity, 
loyalty, valour, energy, and respect, 
SILVER . . . could just as easily be a 
blueprint for the way Michel conducts 
his life. It is significant that these are 
virtues which have to be demonstrated, 
not just spoken of. 

Greg Shields 

JC THE PERSON: Perhaps I should 
have titled this "JC the teacher". John 
has been a somewhat mysterious blend 
of Epicurean, athlete, artist, and raving 
fan. This sometime Latin declensionist 
and one-person orchestra intrigued 
those numerous Andreans who arrived 
at our gates from less-than-eclectic 

They discovered, through John, 
that it is perfectly OK to enjoy blood 
sport and Bach; oysters Rockefeller 
and Camelot, good jazz and a driving 
version of that hair-raising signature 
theme of The Dorset Carol as heard 
from the loudest pew in Christendom. 

What I do know for a fact is that 
this has been a great quarter-century 
plus and it has been my quarter-century 
plus, as well. I value the memories that 
are far too numerous to recount tonight. 
I value the comrades, students and staff 
who have set the stage for an ever 
greater St. Andrew's ahead. 

In a 1979 interview with a local 
newspaper. The Topic, John is quoted 
as saying: "1 love this place and I can 
see myself living here a long time — but 
not the rest of my life. I want to travel 
and get back to classical piano and 
more performing. Whatever I do, I'll 
always be involved in music and sports." 

Aubrey Fay 

When I arrived at St. Andrew's in 
September 1990 David was married to 
Connie, living in the six-plex, teaching 
grade 9 and 10 students algebra and 
functions and coaching U-16 volleyball. 
Twelve years later, from my perspective, 
David has always insisted on a high 
standard of behaviour and commitment 
from his students. In the last few years 
he has been a staunch supporter of 
technology and the new curriculum. 

If success is measured in 
championships won, David has done 
admirably His teams have won six 
CISAA championships, four in Nordic 
skiing and two in Golf. Browsing through 
old Reviews, 1 found several accolades. 
His 1997 Golf team put it best: "We 
owe special thanks to Mr. Gaertner 
who gave up many weekends and who 
put his heart and soul into the team. . ." 

There have been several other 
endeavours. In 1994 David assisted 
Eraser Cowell on the School's six-week 
expedition to Nepal under the auspices 
of Sir Edmund Hillary. He led the next 
trip in 1996, with Mr. Shields assisting, 
and eight students taking part. 




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As these treasures will attest, the St. Andrew's 
College Archives, under the caring and able 
direction of Archivist Ken Ryan, offers wonderful 
insights into the School's past. 

Football has always played an integral part of 
the fall term, as confirmed in the last issue of 
The Andrean which celebrated the School's 
Golden Horseshoe Bowl victory. 

The younger generation, with top-quality 
coaching, equipment and training, can only look 
on in wonder at the game played by these young 
men in the early days of the College. 

Be sure to check our website: 
or and go directly to the 
First Football conference for all the news on 
this year's team. 


In the early part of the twentieth century, the School had five 
football teams, which meant that nearly every student played 
the sport. 

The 1927 Captain of First Football was G.G. Rolph who 
attended S.A.C. from 1915-1928. The other teams' captains 
are unidentified. 




The Second Football team of 1902 had an interesting array 
of equipment. Luckily, this photograph is identified with the 
names of the players, unlike a lot of pictures from that era. 

(left to right) 

Back Row: 



Front Row: 

Dineen, Fraser, Lovell, Cutler 
Reade, McLaren, Doherty, Cooper, Eaton 
Spohn, Thorne, Follett, Dr. Meyer Esq., 
Ferguson II, Page, Borth 
Boyd, Ferguson 1 











Today is our 103rd Prize Day at 
St. Andrew's College. We welcome all 
our guests, especially those from far 
away, who have come to mark the end 
of another school year, to honour the 
graduating class, and to reward those 
throughout the school who have 
excelled in their endeavours. 

You have been distracted by the rain, 
but I wanted to acknowledge the work 
of Klaus Griese and the Grounds crew 
for their magnificent work in preparing 
our lovely campus for this special day 
I've never seen it looking better. 

We began the school year 
approximately nine months ago by 
taking the entire student body, 544 boys, 
for two nights to four separate camps 
in Ontario's cottage country Our 
objectives were two-fold; to encourage 
the boys, young and old, to learn more 
about themselves and their new 
classmates through rigorous leadership 
training activities and to inculcate in 
them the value of self-respect and 
respect for others. 'RESPECT' was 
our theme this year. 

Mid-way through Day 1, news of 
the attack on New York's World Trade 
Centres and Washington's Pentagon 
building reached the camps. Lunches 
were interrupted and activities 
postponed while our Senior Staff 
informed the boys of the tragic events, 
answered questions and allowed them 
to phone home. Quite suddenly the 
world had been turned upside down, 
and our objectives seemed rather pithy 

As the day unfolded, however, and 
the reality of the tragedy south of the 
border struck home, the S.A.C. staff 
realized that they had been presented 
with a unique opportunity to really 

emphasize the need for respecting 
different cultures and views. 

The groups returned to the campus 
shaken by the crisis, but more tightly 
bonded and determined to do their 
best in upholding the value of RESPECT 
in all of their school activities. 

As a result, 1 am happy to report that 
it has been a very gratifying year overall. 
My highlight reel would show the 
outpouring of school spirit at SkyDome 
for the Golden Horseshoe Championship 
football game; Michael Faulds crushing 
block allowing D.J. Bennett to scamper 
dovm the sidelines for a big gain; Jordan 
Dudley's game saving tackle and the 
subsequent goal-line stand by the 
defence; Brad Smith's brilliant 
performance as 'Fagin' in this year's 
William Secular production of Oliver; 
Giancarlo Trimarchi, Stuart Manchee 
and Gord Graham's brilliant acting in 
The Importance of Being Earnest; 
First Hockey's Trip to Sweden and 
Finland; The Mexican Exchange; our 
DECA team's second successive Ontario 
Championship; our Soccer team's 
Tournament victory in Austria; Cadets 
in Concert and on inspection; the 
award-winning performance of our 
Senior Wind Ensemble; First Cricket's 
Three-peat championship season, and 
Richard Goldhar's graduation. 

Today ninety young men conclude 
their secondary school careers and 
prepare to move on to the next stage 
of their education. Of those ninety, 
fourteen have been here since Grade 7 
and graduate with the well-deserved 
title of "Ufa-". Fifty-eight boarders and 
32 day boys comprise this year's 
graduating class. Fourteen countries are 
represented in this class, a testament 

to the cultural diversity of the student 
body at S.A.C. 

Collectively they have received 
over 300 offers to Ontario universities, 
43 to Canadian universities outside 
of Ontario, 18 offers to American 
colleges, and 6 to universities in 
the United Kingdom. 

Individually they made significant 
contributions to many areas of school 
life. They played starring roles in 
bringing S.A.C. six CIS Championships; 
Football, Soccer, Skiing, (Alpine and 
Nordic), Squash and Cricket, one CAIS 
Championship (Rugby), and two York 
Region championships — Swimming 
and Table Tennis. 

Their leadership in Cadets, the Pipes 
and Drums, the Concert Band, the Art 
program, the Student Life Committee, 
Community Service, the Drama 
productions of Oliver and The 
Importance of Being Earnest, FOCUS, 
the Ontario Champion DECA team, 
and debating sets a very high standard 
for next year's class. 

Gentlemen, thanks for the memories. 
Try to remember the sensible words of 
John F. Kennedy who said, minutes 
before he stepped into the limousine 
for his fateful ride through the streets 
of Dallas, "Leaders who win the respect 
of others are the ones who deliver more 
than they promise; not the ones who 
promise more than they can deliver". 

The Prefects deserve special 
recognition, their job is a difficult one. 
Their position demands judgement 
and courage. They have been splendid 
ambassadors for St. Andrew's in all 
of their activities. Graydon Stock has 
worked very hard to ensure that the 
theme for the year, RESPECT, was 




adhered to. He put the school before 
his own interests, and I would like 
thank him sincerely for his leadership 
this year. He was ably assisted by 
Nick Weedon, Andrew Cronin, Brian 
Lin, D.J. Bennett, Charles-Etienne 
Bergeron, Mike Charlebois, Jordan 
Dudley, James Gideon, Adam Guy, 
Jimmy Healey J.R. Lennox, Peter 
McClelland and Adam Brander. 

St. Andrew's College would not have 
the fine reputation it does without the 
contributions of its outstanding faculty 
and staff. Today we officially bid 
farewell to several key members of 
these constituencies who have made 
a significant difference in the lives 
of the young men they have guided. 

Five of them deserve special 
recognition for their contributions to 
the life of the school over their 
combined 68 years of service. Their 
colleagues on the Faculty held a special 
dinner in their honour in May and the 
boys have shown their appreciation 
earlier this morning. 

The Chapel has been home to two 
of them; our spiritual leader for the 
past fourteen years. Chaplain Bob Arril, 
is retiring to Canada's West Coast to 
complete his graduate studies in 
Education at the University of Victoria. 
We will all miss his warmth, his 
intellect, and his humour. 

His colleague for many years, 
John Clements, organist, choral leader, 
musical director, and coach also retires 
today after a 26-year tenure at 
St. Andrew's. He leaves in place firmly 
rooted traditions, such as the singing 
of the Dorset Carol, the choir program, 
the annual musical productions and 
a highly-respected music program. 

Together, Bob and John have made 
the Chapel a truly inviting place for 
worship, music and community 

The other two men leave behind 
a legacy of coaching excellence in the 
areas of football, squash, X-Country, 
skiing and golf. We shall not soon forget 
the acronym, 'SILVER', worn proudly 
on the helmets of Coach Michel 
Cameron's First Football team — 
strength, integrity loyalty valour, 
energy, respect — values held dear by 

Mr. Ted Parent, a member of the Board of Governors, presents the Thomas A. Hockin 

Trophy for Middle School Clan competition to Wallace Clan Captains (1-r) Raymond 'I\ing 

and Dylan Edminson. Dr. Hockin was the School's fifth Headmaster. 

the coach and his championship teams. 
I am sure that we will see Michel and 
the Cameron family a lot as they are 
just moving down the 401 a few miles 
to Port Hope. 

For the past thirteen years, 
David Gaertner has quietly gone about 
his work teaching mathematics and 
producing consistently high-calibre 
Nordic Ski and golf teams. One of the 
fittest men on the faculty he now gets 
a chance to have some time for himself 
as he returns to Alberta to enjoy a 
well-deserved retirement. 

Angela Phillips, our hard-working 
and vivacious Director of Upper School/ 
Dean of Academics also leaves St. 
Andrew's this year, having accepted a 
similar position at Royal St. George's 
College in Toronto. She has been a 
valuable member of the Leadership 
Team for the past four years and has 
done wonders in many different areas 
of the academic program. Best of luck, 
Angela. 1 hope we'll see you often. 

Successor to Ms. Phillips, Mr. Kevin 
McHenry, currently Vice-Principal at 
Newmarket High School, is with us 
today I would like to take this 
opportunity to introduce you to him 
and welcome him to S.A.C. 

As well, we say goodbye and good 
luck to Stephen Wilkin, Martin Duguay, 
Mark Newton, David Adolph, and Middle 
School teachers Barrie Davies, and 
James Livingstone. They have all 
brought energy and enthusiasm to the 
classroom, and to the residential and 
athletic programs. 


Fraser Lunan '02 (left) accepts the first 

James A. Ballard French Prize for the 

graduating student who has made the 

best progress in becoming bilingual. It 

was presented by Dr. Andrew Ballard '71 

on behalf of the Ballard family in 

memory of Jim, class of 1969. 

Doris Poirier-MacIver 
Ladies' Guild President 2001-02 

The now legendary Red and White 
went 'West' this year with cowboys and 
cowgirls arriving to a blazing campfire 
tended by Head Rancher Ted Staunton 
and cowpoke Jeff Chisholm and his 
trusty horse Dash. The R&W Ranch 
swung open its saloon doors to a 
decorating bonanza created by Jan 
Bernstein and her energetic and 
ingenious posse along with the Housser 
family, who spotlighted, backlighted 
and illuminated anywhere they could 
stretch the extension cords. And once 
again, Tino Paolini and our boys 
combined visionary flair and artistry 
to produce murals, reward posters and 
unique 'home on the range' artifacts. 
Saloon gal Pegi Reininger charmed 
all the ranchers into reaching for their 
S.A.C. bucks, as well as their 'heads 
and tails'. Colleen Suddaby corralled 
townsfolk and Andreans alike to 
contribute to our very successful 
auction. Mike, Luigi and other campfire 
cooks dished up a mouthwatering BBQ 
with plenty of tasty beans! Many thanks 
to Edna Collins, Development Office 
strategist, without whom chaos would 
certainly rein. Our heartfelt 
appreciation to Sheriff Deb Hoffman, 
who maintained 'law and order' all year 
long, rallying the countless ranch hands 
needed to realize the unprecedented 
$100,000 financial reward! To all of the 
high-spirited cowboys and cowgirls 
who answered the call and made this 
possible — thank you from the Ladies' 
Guild of St. Andrew's College. 

§(u5enf artwork enfionced tfie Re 
and 'QDfiite (S-ees 'ODestern tfierne 

fiese CBw^sHes ore known te most 'fknSreans: (l-r) 
'Oai/id and $fionnen 'Jesseign and "^aftn ^olSen fi. 



(l-r) l^fiiefCoiugirl {and ladies Q'wid ^'resident 01-011) 
Vsris tPeirier-SlTlacZt/er witfi ^acelgn Sfloncfiee 


f,adies d'wld uelunteen s^ent mang creative fieurs decaratino tfie 
dreof Piallfer tfie VKed and Wfiite 



Shingo Nishioka won the Colonel Tllston Award for Grade Seven. The award 

honours a student in each grade who has set the best example for effort, 

persistency and tenacity in their studies and all other school activities. 

Mr. Kingsley Ward, a great friend of the late Colonel Tilston, V.C, 

presented the award. 


Mr. Stuart Swan has been appointed 
Head of University Counselling, and 
Mr. Adam and Mrs. Clare Kowaltschuk 
and Mr. Jeff McGee return to S.A.C. 
in September to the Geography and 
Music Departments respectively 
This is an exciting time to be associated 
with St. Andrew's. Over 
the next eighteen months you will 
witness a transformation in our physical 
plant. The average child spends seven 
hours a day, five days a week and nine 
months each year in school. The 
average S.A.C. boy spends much more 
time than that in these buildings. We 
want to provide them with the best 

possible facilities in which to learn. 
Our architects, Maryann McKenna and 
Bob Sims from the award-winning firm 
of Kuwabara, Payne, McKenna and 
Blumberg have designed the new 
buildings with warm, human-scaled 
spaces that will provide important 
nurturing to our students. The new 
and renovated facilities will release a 
boldness and creative imagination not 
seen here since 1926. 

Another exciting development is 
the recent decision by Dell Computers 
to 'showcase' St. Andrew's College as 
a totally wireless computer site, one 
of the first of its kind in Canada. 

Next week the faculty will receive 
Dell laptops and begin three days of 
training. Next year will be a pilot year 
as we all experiment with the new 
technology in preparation for 
September 2003 when all students 
will have laptops. 

In conclusion, I would like to thank 
the Chairman, Brian Armstrong and his 
hard-working Board for their dedication 
during a very busy year dealing with 
Campus Master Plan issues. The 
Leadership Team, John Walden, Angela 
Phillips, Mike Hanson, Jim Herder, Beth 
McKay, Aubrey Foy, Struan Robertson, 
Gregory Dominate, Greg Reid, and my 
indispensable assistant Gayle Petri, for 
their support and counsel; the faculty 
and staff for the initiative they have 
shown once again this year; the 
Housemasters and their assistants for 
their commitment beyond the call of 
duty; the School doctor and nursing 
staff who attend to the physical and 
counselling needs of the boys; to Mike 
Hillick, Luigi and the Dining Hall staff 
who take care of the nutritional needs 
of the boys, and the Maintenance Staff 
who keeps us functioning day in and 
day out. 

Thank you. 


Prize Day as we know it, 
was first held on June 
18th, 1936— until then, 
it was held during 
the fall term. 


^ h 




SINCE 1899 




Heralding an 

Era of 

h n 

JUNE 2002 


K JUNE 2001 ; $10,067,000 

JUNE 2000 $5,220,000 







This 'School within a School' 
will respond directly to the 
recent addition of Grade six 
and the phasing out of Grade 
thirteen due to occur in 2003. 
The seven-classroom building 
will ans'wer the needs of Grades 
six, seven and eight. 

• new classrooms in the Middle 
School will increase teaching space 

he Middle School will house an 
outstanding new double gymnasium, 
sports facilities, resource centre and 
other exciting additions 

a new north entrance will allow 
for easier drop-off and pick-up 
of students 

younger students will have 
the opportunity to learn and 
socialize primarily within their 
own peer group 

The steam tunnel ^^B 

replacement project in its 
early stages. The Flavelle 
Housemaster's home is 
at left and Sifton House 
behind the crane. 

Klaus Griese, Director of 
Property and Facilities 
for St. Andrew's. 

The original steam tunnels 
had to be replaced before 
new buildings and 
upgraded facilities could be 
completed. These tunnels, 
over 75 years old, date back 
to the construction of 
the campus in Aurora. 

We are fortunate to have a dedicated, enthusiastic and 
innovative teaching faculty. It is crucial that the environment 
in which these educators work be the best that it can be. 
With the successful completion of four key projects in 
Phase i of the Campus Master Plan, the School will have 
academic facilities second to none." 

Ted Staunton 

-.iviKj»i«WM '/^ ita""!! . 

c:, \ •mJt ' 


The area behind Diinlap 
Hall is being prepared for 
the new Middle School 
construction. For Old 
Boys "getting their 
bearings", the School's 
original Eaton swimming 
pool was in this location 

until 200I. (above) 

The view from behind Macdoriald House 

Construction begins on the roof of the original Dunlap gym. This space will 
be converted to a fabulous Art facility when the Middle School's new double 
gymnasium is opened. 


".jjr-w^rg ( tt uZ'.'.-if^ 


Inside the gymnasium 
in Dunlap Hall, workers 
removed the original 
gallery in order to better 
utilize the available space. 

The breezeway 
bottleneck between 
Coulter Hall and 
McLaughlin Flail will be 
replaced by a wide 
thoroughfare entrance 
to the school buildings. 


Once the Master Plan is completed, 
St. Andrew's College will undoubtedly 
rank at the top of all independent schools 
as having one of the most beautiful and 
functional campuses in North America. 
"It will be an undertaking the magnitude 
of which the School has not experienced 
since 1926." 

The "Arches" between 
Dunlap Hall and Coulter 
Hall will lead to a Gallery 
entranceway from the 
main parking lot. The 
wall at left is temporarily 
in place as construction 
behind it will continue 
throughout the winter. 

Brian Armstrong '61 
Chairman, Board of Governors 

"One good tug and down she came," said Archivist Ken Ryan of the removal of The Tuck Shop in July. The site to the north of Dunlap Hall 

is under construction for a new Middle School. 

Goodbye To An Old Friend 

Tatiana Mitchell 

The building, known fondly to S.A.C. 
Old Boys and students alike as the Tuck 
Shop, was demolished on July 3, 2002, 
as part of the Campus Master Plan's 
(CMP) new Middle School construction. 
However, the school sentiment revolving 
around delectable edibles still lives on 
despite its numerous homes throughout 
the years. 

St. Andrew's boys were first given a 
chance to buy tuck when Mrs. Moebus 
sold pastries and candy from her 
Summerhill Avenue residence. It was 
1905, and St. Andrew's College had just 
moved from Chestnut Park to Rosedale. 
As a result of the success of Mrs. 
Moebus' business, the S.A.C. Committee 
decided to construct a hip-roofed 
building with a seven-posted veranda on 
three sides and dormer windows to the 
front and side. This building became 
the S.A.C. Tuck Shop in 1907, and was 
operated by students. In the Easter 1908 
Review, Cameron Wilson wrote, "Its 
wide veranda and estimable buffet will 
contribute largely to the attractiveness 
of the cricket season." 

Construction on the Aurora campus 
began in 1924, and an early 

architectural report shows plans to 
build another Tuck Shop building. By 
1926, S.A.C. was in Aurora. A Tuck Shop 
had been built using salvaged and 
recycled materials, roughly patterned 
after the 1907 Shop, but constructed as 
a simple Georgian Bay cottage-like 
building with a single hall space, high 
vaulted ceiling and a five-bay (six- 
posted) veranda across the front. 
Shingled ends and eyebrow windows 
were used instead of the gabled dormers 
of the former Shop. The interior was 
done in a simple veneered wood finish, 
plain mitred trim with the corners 
rounded off, and a fieldstone fireplace. 

By 1950, the Tuck Shop had seen 
quite a number of upgrades, including 
the addition of a rubber-tiled floor, 
upholstered seats and linoleum table 
tops. In 1962, the first major expansion 
of the school meant the Tuck Shop had 
to be moved to make way for the Great 
Hall. In the relocation, cracks occurred 
in the plaster finish around the 
chimney, as well as structural damage 
to the timbers. By the mid-1980s, 
further changes were made, including 
floor tiling, to protect against the 

ravages of boys' feet, and metal-clad 
exterior windows with wood-textured 
aluminum clapboard to protect the 
Shop against the elements. Had the 
shop been kept true to its historical 
origins, the case for its preservation 
would have been greater. 

Fortunately, the sentiment and 
nostalgia of the Tuck Shop are 
preserved in its memorabilia, furniture, 
stones from the fireplace and S.A.C. 
keepsakes. All are in the Archives. Now 
the future of the Tuck Shop's place in 
the S.A.C. community is in good hands 
and will be held in perpetuity. However, 
during this transition period between 
old and renewed, the stability of the 
supply of chocolate bars, potato chips 
and ice cream will not be compromised. 
Tuck will be available from the Great 
Hall in September. S.A.C. is looking 
towards the re-creation of a Tuck area 
to provide, once again, an inspiring 
space to showcase student art and 
honours, allow boys to mix with friends, 
share music, dreams and sweets. Many 
thanks to Sandra Scott for the time 
she spent researching this article. 


Details Available 

Call: Jim Herder 


A Permanent Legacy 
for Future Students 
at UQl4^ School 



F Murray Hall 



1922 - 39 

the late Douglas A. Beatty 

John M. Lowndes 

George H. Guy 

Barry J. Black 

G. Drummond Birks 


A II . _ 1 n ii: . 

R. Ian Hector 

H. Michael Burns 

Richard J. Boxer 

Paul R. Jewell 

William H. Comstock 

Robert F. Brown 

Allan L. Beattie 

Frank D. Moores 

David M. Dunlap 

F. Gordon Cox 

M. Campbell Dobbin 

Roderick E. Mossman 

W. Ross Reucassel 

F Roper Dayment 

James F Hepburn 

S. Warren Ritchie 

Sandy Richardson 

J. Warner Eakins 

Garrison Rapmund 

I L 111 T_ 1 _ 

Basil 1. Rodomar 

John M. Swinden 

Allen F Graham 

Joseph W. Taylor 

William R Somers 

Reilley D. Tapley 

tt)e late W. Hamilton Grass 


J. Michael P Wood 

TTie SAC. Foundation 

John A. Green 

David W Atkinson 


gratefully acknowledges 

John L. Green 

L^U V IVJ <I. Jlllllll^wM 

L. Joseph Errington 

John S. Auld 


the following planned gift: 

Ian L. Jennings 

William Errington 

M. Malcolm Fisher 

G. Malcolm Darroch 

J. Fyfe Macdonald 

Ernest C. Frey 
C. Edward Medland 

B. Anthony King 

Wilfrid S. Dinnick 

John H. Mitchell 

William J. Levering 

John M. Hill 

A. Scott Montgomery 
James A. O'Brian 

Robert A. Montgomery 

Charles H. Malcolmson 
Gerald E. Omstead 

John H. Hough 
Carlos E. Kepke 

Peter C. Rea 


Coulter A. Osborne 

Peter A. Ketchum 


Peter L. Robinson 

Thomas B. Chipman 

Donald W. Paterson 

John C. Mueller 


K. Eric Rogers 

William R. Howson 

Roger Strand 

Edward M. Roberts 


the late Bradley R. Rowell 

Gordon C. Middleton 


Gordon J. Alexander 
Michael R Dunn 

L. George Tejada 

John B. Spence 

the late Mark F Sprott 

Liam S. O'Brian 
Allan N.W. Shaver 

James W. Wyse 
WH. (Bill) Yuill 


Donald C. Shaw 

Paul D. Esson 


In the past year 

William R Skinner 

David R Flemming 

William D.L. Graham 

Cassius A. Belden 

we received notification 

George M. Frost 


Garth E. Hazlett 

James G. Godsman 

of a most generous 

Lawrence G. Hampson 

W. David Henderson 

Ian D. Isbester 

R. Thomas Orr 

bequest from the estate 

William J. Shields 

Joseph J. Nold 

K.N. Burns McKenzie 


of a great friend 

Milton T Wilson 

John D. O'Flynn 
Robert T Putnam 

S. Arthur Morris 
David L. Rea 

W Adam Clatsoff 

of St. Andrew's College: 


James E. Dunn 

Victor W Rodwell 


William G. Buchanan 

David M Rnp 

Anthony S. Fell 

Mr. Bradley Rowell 

William A. Cobban 


Frank M. Rolph 
Ian S. Wishart 

Robert H. Bradshaw 

Frank Metcalf 

S.A.C. Class of 1923 

Jay Cody 

Duncan Campbell 

Donald M. Rogers 

J.E. Pat Davis 

John D. Gathers 

Robert B. Russell 


William B. Gourlay 


W. Graham Dutton 

William F Snyder 


John R. Kilpatrick 

John C. Crosbie 

William de V. Frith 

Alfred G. Wirth 


William C. Lawrence 

Donald W Gibson 


wfien received in 2002-03, 


Hugh F Sedgwick 

D. Antonio Guzman 

Tiie SAC. Foundation 

Philip H. Alspach 

Thomas E. Smith 

Brian Knight 

David Gist 

will establish 

Edward M. Ballon 
George M. Brickenden 


Frederick T Leslie 
Albert E. Matthews 

Thomas A. Hickey 
Robert R. MacLeod 

The Bradley Ron ell 
Scholarship * 

C. Graham Cotter 

Richard J. Clavell 

Robert D. Morrison 

Robert R. Parker 

Donald A. Foerster 

Thomas A. Gass 

James A. Munro 

David R. Stamper 

in his tiame 

Keith C. Pilley 

Fraser A. Hale 

Robert H. Simpson 

Allan G. Wilson 

R. Bredin Stapells 

W Farrell Hyde 

Walter A. Somerville 

Andrew D. Wood 


Edward H. Crawford 

R. Roy McMurtry 
Thomas M. Munn 
David G. Trent 

Robert G. Wade 
Michael B. Wansbrough 


Brian G. Armstrong 

Alexander G. Hyde 

J. Christopher C. 


Ronald V. Belden 

R. McLeod Lightbourn 


Edward F Boswell 

Richard B. Gibb 


Douglas G. Worling 

Bruce W. Merrick 
Ian A. Purdie 

lain R. Gurr 

W Michael Rothery 

I Michael Adamson 

D. Gordon M. Robertson 

L. Bariv Thomson 

Charles W Eddis 




Harold G. Hough 
Michael J. Maura 
Douglas K. McMullen 
Michael B. Sommerville 


Gordon S. Griffiths 
Richard L. Holbrook 
Gage E. Love 
Roscoa W. Thompson 
R. Bryan Waller 


Robert D. Gillan 
W. James Herder 
Raymond J. Osborne 
John D. Pennal 
W. D'Arcy Reade 
John F. Rook 
William E. Westfall 
Robert C. Williams 
John R. Zurbrigg 

n November lY, 1998, tne Anarean 
community was saddened by the death 
of Charlie Edwards, S.A.C. Class of 1970. 
If you ever met Charlie you knew he was 'larger 
than life' and a great supporter of all things 
Andrean. He was an annual fixture at 
Homecoming, the MacPherson Tournament and 
generally anywhere Andreans gathered. Always 
the life of the party, Charlie lived life to the fullest. 

Shortly after Charlie's passing, his brother 
Mike '79, friends and classmates established the 
Charles Burley Edwards Scholarship Fund. 
Classmate Don MacKay hosts an annual golf 
tournament in Charlie's memory at his course. 
The Muskoka Highlands Golf & Country Club. 
All proceeds from the day are directed to Charlie's 
scholarship. This past year Mike organized a 
wonderful golfing vacation for four to Arizona 
which the Association raffled at both the 
'Manhattan Open' and our own golf day. Direct 
donations to Charlie's fund and proceeds from 
both the Manhattan Open and the raffle draw 
totalled $6,500 in 2001-02. 
^^ What began through in-memoriam gifts to the 
Hfe.A.C. Foundation in 1998 has subsequently grown 
^Bato a memorial scholarship fund of over $36,000 
^^s at year-end 2002. With a few more years of solid 
growth and direct contributions, the fund will 
generate sufficient income to provide financial 
support to one or more boys at the College, 
^^harlie's legacy will live through generations of 
Hloys who quality for financial assistance in order 
^Hd attend St. Andrew's. Charlie would be proud 
^^0 know that his memory is living in the form of 
financial aid to deserving students. Thank you to 

111 who contributed in memory of Charlie this year 

Michael Roy '85 


Gordon C. Dobbin 

Laurence J. Henderson 

William M. Haust 

Douglas C. McKeen 

Paul J. Higgins 

Hubert G. Pritchard 

J. Craig MacPherson 

Raymond S. Pyfrom 

Paul H. Moron 

William Prowse 


Edward D. Ruse 

Lawrence A. Boland 

Chris R Stoate 

W. Graham Butler 

John L. Walden 

William H. McNeil 

Douglas A. Simmonds 


Richard C. Bates 


William Boyd 

James R. Dunster 

James R. Brickman 

Robert L. Jones 

Chesley F Crosbie 

Robert C.Kilgour Jr. 

Dennis J. Daly 

David E. Kitchen 

Michael 1. Flemming 

F. Max E. Marechaux 

Alexander D. Hart 

W. Scott Marshall 

Michael F Hogg 

Patrick N. Nation 

Antonio Mijares Ricci 

J. Murray Shields 

J. Timothy Shortly 

Robert D. Sommerville 

David A. Walden 


Clarke A. Addison 

Robin J. Wilkie 

Gordon C. Wilson 

Guy M. Baker 


Graham F Brunke 

David J. Black 

W.T David Cross 

Thomas A. Buckley 

James D. Good 

K-Y Paul Chan 

Carr Hatch 

James M. Empey 

K. Frederick Holmes 

Peter G. Fletcher 

John F Housser 

Michael S. Higgins 


Barry A. Brackley 
John H. Brown 

Raymond H. Leung 

Richard J. Reininger 
A. Ian Tait 

James D. Gear 


James M. Jackson 

Thomas G. Birkett 

R. Scott Jolliffe 

Robert W. England 

David B. Morton 

John W. Hodges 


John M. Currie 
Thomas W. Gilchrist 
George D. Hathaway 
Donald J. MacKay 

Pedro H. Martin 

C. James McTavish 
T Stuart Rutherford 
Robert P Topping 
Geza von Diergardt 

C. A. Sandy Munro 


John R. Percival 

Mark A. Brooks 

Peter F Thompson 

David J. Durant 

A. Norman Wilkie 

Andrew J. Kllpatrick 

John J. Wood 

Stephen T Manchee 

Malcolm R. Yule 

G. Richard Mann 


Andrew M. Ballard 
John K. Cross 

Douglas M. Munn 

David W. Peters 
D. Brian Smith 


David F Edminson 
Craig D. Farrow 
Paul J. Grassby 
Robert T Lassaline 
Gary M. Lawrence 
J. Allen McClelland 
Gregory W. Miklas 
Roland B. Nimmo 
Paul R. Seay 
Matthew L. Shinkle 


Robert C. Cheung 
Michael S. Gardner 
John E. Lagerquist 
Jeffrey T MacMillan 
John R. Middup 
Brian R. Mitchell 
John E. Omstead 
Clifford M. Sifton 
Scott L. Sillcox 
Gary C. Weilinger 


Ian M. Carlsen 

R Andrew Oalton 
Philip J. Henderson 
Stephen E. Hiscox 
J.William Hissink 
George D. Knowles 
Brian D. Miklas 
John 0. Stewart 


Stephen G. Bagworth 
Paul E. Bedard 
Stephen M. Dewis 
George R. Edwards 
Michael M. Edwards 
GaryA. Hatt 
Robert G. Hepburn 
Timothy J. Houlton 
Ronald W. Mitchell 
John F Mortimer 
W. Scott Mortimer 
Thomas L. Omstead 
Jeffrey W. Richmond 
Michael G. Sifton 
Barton N. Wong 


Douglas E. Crawford 
Murray A. Hyde 
David C. Plaxton 
Alexander M. Robertson 



The golf trip was won by Jack Smith, father of 

Richard '84 and Ted 78, 

and presented by Michael Roy '85, centre, and 

Headmaster Ted Staunton 

John W. Sedgewick 
Ian E. Shandling 
H. Glenn Stanley-Paul 
John C. Stevenson 


Christopher R Ball 
Brian B. Eby 
Albert S. Harding 
Adam R. Hawley 
George M, Jackson 
David C. Lawrence 
Richard A. Peters 
Scott H. Smith 
Paul E. Stanborough 
J. Warren Stoddart 


Paul E. Berrevoets 
Kevin R. Callahan 
Daniel E. Del Medico 
Andrew J. Harman 
Jonathan M. Harris 
Dennis R LaBuick 
J. Rodger Leslie 
Cowen Loh 
Paul E. Stephenson 
David R. Tredgett 


G. Peter Bedard 
John F Coupland 
Jonathan J. Duffield 
David W. Rolph 
Alfredo Solloa Garcia 
Stephen J. Suarez 
Marco E. Tejada 
J.R. Kingsley Ward 


Luis M. Benito C. 
Lawrence R Biricz 

Robert M. Caldwell 
Robin J. Comfort 
Christian L. Jeppesen 
Bradley R Jones 
Bradley K. Kerr 
Michael G. Koopmann 
C. Mark Lundy 
Andrew Mahfood 
David J. Mahr 
Michael W. McKague 
Mark E. Murphy 
J.S. Struan Robertson 
David A. Wilson 


Leslie K. Fur 
R. Paul Henriques 
T. Andrew Hickey 
Tom N. Hussey 
J.A.H. Sandy Macdonald 
Shawn D. Omstead 
Michael D. Roy 
Derek A. Sifton 
Juan C. Suarez 
Richard M. Wilson 


Derek M. Archibald 
Geoffrey K. Atkins 
James E. Austin 
Robert W. Banglmaier 
James W. Comfort 
Gregory S. Dunlap 
R. Todd Ivey 
Sean R Lundy 
Gregory F McGinnis 
Douglas J. Metcalfe 
John R. Morgan 
Peter B. Neal 
Stephen G. Pitel 
Tim W. Watson 


Conrad C. Bona 
Timothy R Callaghan 
Brian J. Coulson 
Graydon C. Cragg 
Edward J. Delia Penna 
F Mark M. Fell 
Jean-Paul G. Hoffman 
Ian G. Howey 
P Christopher Irvine 
Simon J. Murfitt 
Glen D. Oliver 
Paul Paletta 
James W. Plouffe 
Trevor R. Rickwood 
Jeffrey D. Smith 
Christopher R. Stainton 
Robert L. Wilkes 


J. Christian Allen 
Michael C. Brewer 
Glenn M. Hant 
Oliver D. Herbst 
Christopher C. Hind 
Kenneth K. Lui 
Michael J. Paletta 
Jeffrey G. Rees 
Anthony H. Reid 
Robert D. Skinner 
Saleem Tareen 
Matthew G. Townsend 
Nickolas Tsioros 
W. Wallace Watson 


Mark A. Atkins 
Jason K. Bullen 
Steven M. Cathcart 
Brian W. Ledson 
Derek G. Plaxton 
Marshall C. Starkman 
Scott T Wicks 


D. Brad Archdekin 
Christopher M. Armaly 
Patrice B. Bansa 
James C. Barton 
John C. Clarke 
Steven R. Creber 
Trevor R. Fuller 
Robert R Katie 
Ronald D. Kopas 
John W. Morris 

David W. Nourse 
Cory S. Oliver 
Fergus S. Prentice 
Thijs Spoor 


James A. Biggar 
Simon A. Gorman 
Jamie R. Inglis 
James E. Morgan 
Stephen G. Skovhoj 


Paul T Arhanic 
N.M, Raymond Chuk 
James W. Dennis 
Mark K. Etherington 
Jonathan A. Ginou 
Darren V. Katie 
Robert M. Mantrap 
Ian C. Michael 
Carl R. Milroy 
Stuart M. Smith 


James M. Brown 
Marcus Gillam 
Thomas E. Hockin 
Michael J. Lamb 
Robert A. Leckey 
Sean K. McGrath 
R. Ryan McNally 
James A. Nichols 
Barton C. Sommerville 
Peter A. Warden 


Derek K-TAu 
Ken Y-C Cho 
Shawn E. Christie 
William R McGuigan 
Michael E. Parent 
Geoffrey G. Pennal 
Alfredo Villegas-Camil 


Derek R. Bulas 
Paul S. Etherington 
S. Dean Husseini 
Jeffrey L. Lewis 
Darren J. McNair 
Jonathan C. Parker 


Santiago Barona 
Kam Choi Chan 

Sean D. Daniel 
David M. Dunlap 
Justin K. Lindquist 
Blair E. MacPherson 
Neil E. McTaggart 
Edward C. Mercer 
Graham B. Munro 
Neil B. Ritchie 
L. Wesley Smith 
Andrew R. Wilson 
Carl U. Zank 


J. Greggoiy Cooke 
Michael G. Foy 
Duane R. Gafoor 
Graeme W. Martin 


D. Brook Dyson 
Christopher A. Fusco 
Mark N. Landry 
Douglas J. Mac Con 
Gregory E. Meuser 


George W. Brown 
Mark D. Gooderham 
Marc S. Hodges 
James T MacPherson 
Simon Turcotte 


Blair R. Birkett 
Ryan J. Brandham 
Adrian T Chan 
Benjamin J. Craig 
Michael A. Crispi 
Jaime E. Hirschfeld 
Jeffrey K. Lo 
lain J. Rogers 


Gordon A. Birkett 
Jonathan Cheng 
R. Michael Craig 
Matthew B. Fullerton 
TS. J. Lau 
John L. Lyons 
Dustin E. Magee 
Andrew F Martin 
John A, Patton 


James R Healey 



Current Parents 

Mr, & Mrs. Scott Abbott 

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Adamo 

Mr & Mrs. Tim Adamson 

Mr & Mrs. Ayad Al-Aadhami 

Mr. Vladeen Altschuller & Dr Irina Belyaeva 

Mr & Mrs. Dan Amadori 

Mr & Mrs. Robert C. Arnold 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Aron 

Mr & Mrs. Victor Attard 

Mr Darryl M. Austin 

Mr & Mrs. Sergio Avalos 

Mr & Mrs. Alberto Bacardi 

Mr. & Ms. Stephen G. Bagworth 

Mr & Mrs. Robert D. Bailey 

Mr. & Mrs. Rafael L Ballesteros M. 


Mr & Mrs. Timothy K. Bean 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bease 

Dr & Mrs. Steven Beatty 

Mr. & Mrs. Randall Belgrave 

Mr & Mrs. Marc Benhaim 

Mr & Mrs. Georges-Henri Bergeron 

Mr & Mrs. Brian E. Biggings 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Birl^ett 

Mr&Mrs. FransJ.BIom 

Mr & Mrs. Randy Bonner 

Dr Kyung-Jin Boo & Mrs. Hyunduk Choi 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Boon 

Mr & Mrs. Brian Bernstein 

Mrs. Linda Bottomley 


Ms. Artene Brankley 

& Mrs. Ron Bromley 

& Mrs. Mark A. Brooks 

& Mrs. Mark A. Bryce 

& Mrs. Bruno Bucci 
Mr & Mrs. Antonio Bucci 

& Mrs. Stephen Buckley 

& Mrs. Carmen Buonaiuto 

& Mrs. William J. Burke 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Calvert 

& Mrs. Mark Campbell 
Mr & Mrs. Nick Carnovale 

Mr & Mrs. Marc Caron 
Mr & Mrs. George M. Cartwright 
Mrs. Marianne Casselman 
Mr Edward Cassidy & 

Ms. Carina D'Brass Cassidy 
Mr Simon Chan 

Mr & Mrs. Cha Un Raymond Chan 
Mr&Mrs. Ming Yiu Samson Chan 
Mr & Mrs. Alfred R Chanadi 
Dr& Mrs. Larry Chang 
Mr & Mrs. Chien-Hsung Chang 
Mr & Mrs. Wayne Chang 
Mr & Mrs. Daniel M. Charlebois 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Chen 
Mr&Mrs. Hsiu-Hsiung Chen 
Mr & Mrs. Chien-an Cheng 
Dr Ernest Cheng & Dr Maisy Cheng 
Mr & Mrs. Weng Meng Cheong 
Mr. & Mrs. Wai Kam Cheung 
Mr & Mrs. Shi-Chiu Cheung 
Mr & Mrs. Chul Choi 
Mr & Mrs. Wing F Chow 
Mr & Mrs. Raymond Chow 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Chu 
Mr & Mrs. Yves Coderre 
Dr Mark L Cohen & Ms. Ellen Silverstein 
Mr & Ms. Marten Collins 
Mr & Ms. Frank Colton 
Dr & Mrs. Krzysztof Conrad 
Mr & Mrs. Javier Cortina Azcarraga 
Mr. Michael R RIatz & Mrs. Diana C. Cronin 
Mr & Mrs. Carl L Gumming 
Mr. & Mrs. John R Daly 
Dr & Mrs. Mahmood Damji 
Mr & Mrs. William Daniell 
Mr & Mrs. Clayton Davies 
Mr & Mrs. Steve Del Zotto 
Dr Peter A. Deiean 
Mr & Mrs. Frere Del mas 
Mr. Gregory M. Diakun & 

Ms. Helen-Claire Tingling 
Mr Stanley Doel & Mrs. Michelle Samson-Doel 
Mr & Mrs. Raulo Domingues 
Mr & Mrs. Younbok Dong 

Mr & Mrs. Robert C. Donko 
Mr Jeffrey TDowell& 

Ms. Barbara J. Roushinsky 
Mr Joseph F Downey & Ms. Lois D. Lundy 
Mrs. Nuly Doyle 
Ms. Rena Du 

Dr & Mrs. J. David Dudley 
Mr David F Edminson 
Mrs. Marina Edminson 
Mr. & Mrs. Kelly Ehler 
Mr & Mrs. Tom Ekers 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Ellis 
Mr Samson Eng & Mrs. Louisa long 
Mr Robert W. England 
Mr & Mrs. Carl Farrell 
Mr & Mrs. Alan Faulds 
Mr&Mrs. Alexander G.Ferguson 
Mr & Mrs. John Ford 

Mr Michel Fragiadakis & Ms. Manon Dufour 
Mr & Mrs. Clifford H. Frame 
Mr & Mrs. Yam Chi Fu 

Mr Terrance W. Fullerton & Mrs. Janet Bateman 
Mr & Mrs. I. Garanine 
Mr & Dr Eugene Genin 
Mr & Mrs. Earl Gill 
Mr & Mrs. J. Raul Giroux 
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Gnyp 
Mr&Mrs. Frank Goitanich 
Dr Duncan A. Gordon 
Mr & Mrs. Terry D. Graham 
Mr & Mrs. James Grant 
Mr & Mrs. Donald G. Gray 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph Greco 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas R. Greco 
Mr&Mrs. AInoorGulamani 
Mr & Mrs. William Guy 
Mr & Mrs. Jeff Halloran 
Mr & Mrs. Michael J. Hanson 
Mr & Mrs. James L. Healey 
Dr & Mrs. Allan Hess 
Mr Stephen E. Hiscox 
Mr & Mrs. Freddy Ho 
Mr. & Mrs. Kowk-Chuen Ho 




Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hodge 

Mr & Mrs. John E. Lagerquist 


Mr Ian Maclver 

Mr & Mrs. Larry Hoffmari 

Mr & Mrs. Sergiy M. Lagur 


Mr & Mrs. Sam Hon 

Mr & Mrs. Alan Lai 

Mr & Mrs. Alexander D. MacKay 

Mr & Mrs. John F. Housser 

Ms. Selina Lakhani 

Mrs. Marj MacKenzie 

Mr & Mrs. Frank Hracs 

Mr & Mrs. Wai Kwong Lam 

Mr Scott MacKenzie 

Mr & Mrs. Philip Hsu 

Mr & Mrs. Mathew E Lam 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W.Man 

Mr & Mrs. Man-Kit Hui 

Mr & Mrs. Fu Shing Lam 

Mr Stephen T. Manchee 

Or & Mrs. John Hui 

Mr & Mrs. Evgueni Laptev 

Dr & Mrs. Claude C. Manigat 

Mr & Mrs. Jason Hurlbut 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Hung Lau 

Mr & Mrs. Paul Marshall 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hurst 

Mr. & Ms. Kwong Hoi Lau 

Mr Jose A. Marti 

Mr & Mrs. Eric Hussey 

Mr & Mrs. Francois Laveau 

Mr & Mrs. Roy Martin 

Mr & Mrs. Bruce D. Hynds 

Mr. & Mrs. John Law 

Mr & Mrs. Philip Mattucci 

Mr & Mrs. Lou laccino 

Mr & Mrs. Peter Lawson 

Mr Michael J. Maura 

Dr & Mrs. Erwin Irwandi 

Mr & Mrs. Branko Lobar 

Mr. & Mrs. James L McBane 

Mr & Mrs. Bo D. Jacl^son 

Mr & Mrs. Robert E. Lee 

Mr & Mrs. Keith A. McCartney 

Mr & Mrs. Kevin Jenkins 

Mr Young Sik Jeong CP & Mrs. Chang Sun Park 

Mr & Mrs. Ramesh Jolly 

Mr & Mrs. Warren Jones 

Mr & Mrs. Jarratt M. Jones 

Mr & Mrs. Alex Jongsma 

Dr& Mrs. E. Craig Jowett 

Dr & Mrs. Campbell Joyner ___ 

Mr Hironobu Kanai ~ 

Ms. Camille Kanhai 

Mr Jaichand Kanhai 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Kaptyn 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Kastelyanets 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Kay 

Mr & Mrs. Stephen Kelly 

Mr & Mrs. Jory Kesten 

Mr & Mrs. Valeri Khassanov 

Mr & Mrs. Lawrence K. Kiiza 

Mr & Mrs. Chung Soung Kim 

Mr & Mrs. Seong-Joon Kim 

Mr & Mrs. Jin-Young Kim 

Mr & Mrs. Chang-soo Kim 

Mr & Mrs. Brad King 

Mr & Mrs. Brian King 

Mr Gerald Kluwak & Dr. Caria Lennox 

Mr & Mrs. Chester Kocik 

Mrs. Eve Kubista 

Mr & Mrs. Martin Y Kwok 

Mr & Mrs. Dennis R LaBuick 

Mr & Mrs. Sang Woo Lee 

Mr & Mrs. Steven Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Young Chul Lee 

Mr & Mrs. Hai Gun Lee 

Mr & Mrs. Chang Jae Lee 

Mr & Mrs. Vernon R. Lee 

Dr & Mrs. Jae-Chang Lee 

Mrs. Wai Ling Lee 

Mr & Mrs. John Lennox 

Mr & Mrs. Po Tai Leung 

Mr & Mrs. Kerswick K. Leung 

Mrs. Cecilia Leung-Fung 

Mr & Mrs. Wayne W. Lin 

Mr & Mrs. James Lin 

Mr & Mrs. Eddie C-YLo 

Miss Inna Loor 

Mr & Mrs. Juan C. Lorenzo-Leboreiro 

Mr & Mrs. John Lowe 

Mr & Mrs. Charlie Lupo 

Mr & Mrs. Scott Luther 

Dr Robert Maaskant & Dr Lori Maaskant 

Mr & Mrs. John MacDonald 


















& Mrs. Ian R. McClelland 
& Mrs. Robert McCullough 
& Mrs. Graham McDonald 
& Mrs. David C. McFarlane 
& Mrs. Timothy S.McGill 
& Mrs. Patrick McGrath 
& Mrs. Ian G. Mcintosh 
& Mrs. James M. Mcintosh 
s. Beth McKay 
& Mrs. William McKay 
&Mrs. PeterA.McNabb 
& Mrs. Donald McNally 
John McNeil 

& Mrs. Luis G. Meneses-Lazasini 
. Donna Micallef 
& Mrs. Antonio Mijares Ricci 
& Mrs. Justin Miller 
& Mrs. Martin Miller 
John Milnes & Dr Victoria Dale-Harris 
Donna Mitchell 
& Mrs. Edmond Mok 
& Mrs. Donald Mok 


The S.A.C. Foundation life insurance matching gift 
program continues to grow. At June, 30, 2002, 
Old Boys have generously arranged just over 
$10 million in this unique program. 
Please call Jim Herder 905. 727.31 78 for details. 



Mr. Gonzalo Morales & Mrs. Maria E. De Murga 

Mr & Mrs. Manuel Morales Camporredondo 

Mr. Bill Morgan 

Mr & Mrs. William W. Moriarty 

Mr. Jim Muir&Dr Christine Cook 

Mrs. Diane Mulock 

Mr. Gopi Natarajan & 

Mrs. Viji Kristinan-Natarajan 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nehaul 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nei 
Mr&Mrs.TonyK. Ng 
Mr & Mrs. Yan To Denis Ng 
Mr & Dr Sing Ngai 
Mr & Mrs. Yutaka Nishioka 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Noble 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nowicki 
Mr & Mrs. Gerry Nudds 
Dr & Mrs. Otegbola Ojo 
Mr & Ms. Olaiya 0. Ojo 
Dr. & Mrs. J. Duncan Oram 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Parent 
Mrs. Kyung Hee Park 
Mr & Mrs. George Petropoulos 
Mrs. Doris Poirier-Maclver 
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Posa 
Mr William R. Powell & Mrs. Janet C. MacKay 
Mr & Mrs. Klaus H. Priebe 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas Rankin 
Mr. & Mrs. AInoor Ratansi 
Mr & Mrs. Anthony Reale 
Mr & Mrs. Richard J. Reininger Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Inigo Reynoso De Teresa 
Mr & Mrs. John D.Robinson 
Mrs. L Elizabeth Rosenberg 
Mr Joel Ross 

Mr & Mrs. E. Anthony Ross 
Mr & Mrs. John D. Rothwell 
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Rourke 

Mr Federico Rubli-Kaiser & Mrs. Ruth G. Ornelas 
Mr & Mrs. Sergey Ryazanov 
Mr. Jae Sang Ryu 
Mr & Mrs. Julian Sacher 
Mr & Mrs. Rodrigo Salas 
Mr. & Mrs. Mohammed A. Saleem 

Mr. & Mrs. Al Salomon 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Scott 

Ms. Holly Sedgwick 

Mr & Mrs. Ronald Sequeira 

Mr & Mrs. Ward Seymour 

Mr & Mrs. Billy Sham 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Sherry 

Dr Eddy Si & Mrs. Jocelyn Cochingyan Lee-Si 

Mrs. Sharon E. Simmons 

Mrs. Nancy I Simpson 

Mr & Mrs. D. Brian Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. David F Smith 

Mr. Larry M. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Frank D. Sodonis 

Mr & Mrs. George Steeves 

Dr. & Mrs. Julian A. Stewart 

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Stock 

Mr. & Dr. Richard Stoneman 

Mr. & Mrs. Keith Suddaby 

Mr & Mrs. Brad Sweeting 

Mr & Mrs. Sing Sou Tam 

Mr. & Mrs. Wai Tang 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Tanton 

Mrs. Begum Teja 

Ms. Christina Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Thompson 

Mr. James Thomson & Reverend M.J. Perry 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Tiller 

Mr Alfredo Tinajero& 

Mrs. BeatrizTarribaDeTinajero 
Ms. Helen Tng 
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Tomory 
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Toms 
Mr & Mrs. Brad Townsend 
Mr Robert Tozzi & Ms. Clelia Saraceni 
Mr & Mrs. Carmen Trimarchi 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Tripodi 
Mr & Mrs. Ralph E. Trott 
Mr & Mrs. Chang H. Tsai 
Mr & Mrs. Edi Tse 
Mr. & Mrs. George Tsioros 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Tsui 
Mr & Mrs. George Tzimas 

Mr & Mrs. Brett Udashkin 
Mr & Mrs. Werner R. Vogt 
Baron & Mrs. Geza von Diergardt 
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Wade 
Mr & Mrs. Mark Wakefield 
Mr & Mrs. Colin B. Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Walker 
Dr& Mrs. Yung-Liang Wan 
Mr & Mrs. Charlie Wang 
Mr & Mrs. Russell Watson 
Mr & Mrs. David Willmot 
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Wilson 
Mr & Mrs. Chi Chiu Wong 
Mr & Mrs. Wan Hay Wong 
Mr & Mrs. Po Chun Wong 
Mrs. Cecilia Wong 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Wong 
Mr & Mrs. Franklin Wong 
Mr & Mrs. Barton N. Wong 
Ms. Florence Wong 
Mr & Mrs. John Woodcock 
Mr. Edmund Wu & Mrs. Eva Poon 
Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Wu 
Mr. Xiao Tian Yan & Mrs. Yi Zhi Liu 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Yau 
Mr & Mrs. H. Ivan Yeung 
Mr & Mrs. Perry Yip 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. Yoon 
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Young 
Mr. & Mrs. Keun Sung Yu 
Mr & Mrs. Chi Wing Yuen 
Mr & Mrs. Malcolm R. Yule 
Mr & Mrs. Franco Zoratto 

Past Parents 

Mr. & Mrs. Antony Abraham 
Mrs. Eleanore Addison 
Mr James D. Allen 
Mr & Mrs. Malcolm S. Archibald 
Mr & Mrs. Gerald Ardill 
Mr & Mrs. Ronald H. Armstrong 
Dr& Mrs. Guy J. Barton 
Mr & Mrs. Edward J. Battiston 
Mr & Mrs. Robert P Bedard 


Mrs. Anne Bedard 
Mrs. Ruth G. Birkett 
Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Bonnell 
Mr & Mrs. Derek Brown 
Mr & Mrs. Geoffrey K. Caldwell 
Mr & Mrs. Patrick Callaghan 
Mr Daniel H. Cfiicoine 
Mr & Mrs. Jeffrey S.CIiisholm 
Mrs. Gillian Clark 
Mr James L Cooke 
Mr & Mrs, Robert J. Craig 
Mr & Mrs. Rick Crispi 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Dainard 
Mr & Mrs. Claude Desrochers 
Prof & Mrs. J. Stefan Dupre 
Mr & Mrs. Paul A. Eide 
Mr Albert Euteneier 
Mrs. Lynda Euteneier 
Ms. Elizabeth Flavelle 
Mr & Mrs. C. William D. Foster 
Mr & Mrs. John G. Greey 
Mr & Mrs. Earl Heinig 
Mrs. Doreen Hiltz 

The Hon. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hockin 
Mr&Mrs. Larry J. Hodges 
Mr & Mrs. Nigel Hodges 
Mr & Mrs. R. Glenn Hoffman 
Mr & Mrs. Gerald Hopkin 
Mrs. Barbara J. Houlding 
Dr Herbert J. Irwin 
Mr & Mrs. Simon Kaptyn 
Capt. & Mrs. Raymond B. Lank 
Dr & Mrs. R. George E. Leggett 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph W-C Lo 
Mr & Mrs. Gage H. Love Sr 
Mr & Mrs. John S. MacFarlane 
Justice & Mrs. James MacPherson 
Mr & Mrs. Charles P Manchee 
Mrs. Pauline Martin 
Mr & Mrs. George W. Martin 
Mr & Mrs. Gregory Martin 
Mr & Mrs. Neil F McLean 
Mr & Mrs. John M. McNally 

Mr & Mrs. Tom McPherson 
Mrs. Jenny Mercer 
Mr & Mrs. Richard Mitchele 
Mr Paul E. Montgomery 
Mr C. Anthony Myrans 
Mr & Mrs. Stanley F Neal 
Mr & Mrs. John D. Near 
Mr & Mrs. Peter Newall 
Mr & Mrs. Tony Ng 
Mr & Mrs. Anthony R. Nichols 
Dr & Mrs. Jerry Nirenberski 
Mr & Mrs. Roger R Northwood 
Mr & Mrs. Donald S. Oliver 
Dr & Mrs. Jack M. Patton 
Mr & Mrs. Robert S.Perrier 
Mr & Mrs. Sam Pilieci 
Mr & Mrs. John Pitkin 
Prof & Mrs. James G.D. Rankin 
Mrs. Sandra Rea 
Dr& Mrs. LMorley Smith 
Mr&Mrs. Peter Smith 
Mr & Mrs. R. Bruce Someiville 
Mr & Mrs. Benjamin Sousa 
Dr& Mrs. Volker Stein 
Mr & Mrs. Basil J. Stevenson 
Mr & Mrs. Courtney S.Stoate 
Mrs. Trudy Suarez 
Mr & Mrs. James Talbot 
Mr & Mrs. David M. Tattle 
Mr J. Gordon Taylor 
Dr & Mrs. W. Paul Taylor 
Mr Hans D. Toepell-Bansa 
Mr & Mrs. Donald Townsend 
Mr & Mrs. Roy G. Tredgett 
Mr Peter Tsioros 
Mrs. Annelies Vogel 
The Rev & Mrs. John M. Wilkie 
Mr & Mrs. Peter C. Williams 
Mr David M. Williams 
Dr Manfred F Wirth 
Mr John L Wright 
Mr & Mrs. William Yung 
Mr Reinhard Zank 

James A. Ballard 

The Ballard family has established the James A. Ballard 
Prize Fund in memory of Jim, class of 1969. In the year 
ended June 30, the S.A.C. Foundation established the 
fund and the following donors kindly contributed in 
memory of Jim. 

Dr Andrew M. Ballard 71 

Mr & Mrs. Henry Benoit 

Mrs. Doris M. Cox 

Mr. Gordon C. Dobbin 71 

Mrs. Dimitra Fallis 

Mr Stuart Forbes 

Mr James D. Gear '69 

Mr Richard Hayles 

Mrs. Barbara Hazlett 

Mr V^. James Herder '64 

Mr & Mrs. James L. Johnston 

Mr Andrew Kerr 

Mr & Mrs. Erik Koudstaal 

Mr & Mrs. Jean-Michel Le Prince 

Mr. & Mrs. Ken MacDonald 

Mrs. Jane MacKinnon 

Mrs. J. MacKnight 

Mrs. Betty Lou Mayo 

Mr Ernest McCulloch 

Mr & Mrs. James McCulloch 

Mrs. W. M. Morris 

Ms. Heather Pentland 

Dr & Mrs. Dennis Ruskin 

Mr Paul Sandusky 

Mrs. Mary Jane Taylor 

The Bishop Strachan School Languages Department 

The St Thomas and Elgin Medical Association 

St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital Medical Staff 

Vanbots Construction Corporation 

Mr Mike Waterhouse 

Jim Herder, Editor 
The Andrean 



Of tlie many publications that find their way into our home, two are accorded special 
status, these are set aside upon their arrival to be reviewed at a later time, a time when 
they can be read from cover to cover at a leisurely pace. One is The Andrean, the other 
is National Geographic. 

1 have just finished reading the Spring 2002 issue of The Andrean. As usual I enjoyed the 
contents immensely. 1 particularly enjoyed the following: a letter from my classmate and 
friend Graham Muirhead, a notation about my coach Aubrey Holmes, an article by the 
son of classmate Wilf Dinnick, the item about a presentation by yet another classmate 
Bill Yuill, and 1 was especially saddened to learn of the death of one of my teachers, 
John Del Grande. Many of the others named in this issue I also l^new to varying degrees 
during my years at St. Andrew's. 

Such are some of the reasons that I so look forward to receiving each of the issues. 
We are all inclined to keep in touch with a small circle of friends. In my case The 
Andrean widens that circle and at the same time keeps me up to date with changes 
to the physical, academic and sporting aspects of the college. I particularly reference 
here the article on the ambitious Campus Master Plan that appears to combine many 
elements, two of which most surely are excitement and challenge. 

My compliments on the revised format and I urge you to keep up the great work. 

Mai Darroch '57 


tile ( 




Mr. Robert D. Beatty 

in memory of his 

father, the late 

Douglas A. Beatty 73 
Mrs. Margaret Ellis 

Scholarships & Bursaries in memory 

of John S. Ellis '32 
Ms. Ellen Hamann 

SAC. Fund 
Mrs. Betty R Hamilton 

in memory of 

Jim Hamilton '33 
Mr & Mrs. John Kaptyn 

The Kaptyn Family Fund 
Mr & Mrs. E. & R Knowles 

SAC. Fund 
Mr & Mrs. George Lake 

hUacPherson Hockey 
Mrs. Aileen Mathieson 

Campus Beautification, in memory other 

daughter Catherine Mathieson 
Mrs. Wendy Rarker 

in memory other father, Edward P. 

Broome '30 
Mr. John Stephens 

Scholarship & Bursaries 
Mr Robert Teichertjr 

Mr James W. Wood 

The J. Douglas Wood Bursary 

Faculty & Staff 

The Rev. Robert J. Arril 
Mrs. Marlene Ash 
Mr Paul E. Bedard 79 
Mrs. Randi Berman 
Mr Michel Cameron 
Mr John C. Clements 
Mrs. Edna J. Collins 
Mr Eraser H. Cowell 
Mr Luigi D'Ambrosio 
Ms. Sarah U. Dame 

Mr David S. Dawson 

Mr Gregory Dominate 

Mr Allen W. Dunford 

Mr Don Finlay 

Mr Aubrey M. Foy 

Mr David E. Gaertner 

Mr David Galajda 

Mr Klaus Griese 

Mr Alan H. Halstead 

Mr Michael J. Hanson 

Mr W. James Herder '64 

Mr Michael Hillick 

Mrs. Carrie Hughes McGuinness 

MrJamieR. Inglis'91 

Mr David Joiner 

Mr Marke Jones 

Mr David Josselyn 

Mr Stephen L Kimmerer 

Mr David Kyle 

Mrs. Julie Lamb 

Mr James McGillivray 

Mrs. Beth McKay 

Mrs. Wendy Muratoff 

Mr C. Anthony Myrans 

Mrs. Robyn A. O'Hare 

Mr S. Tino Raolini 

Mr & Mrs. Robert S.Rerrier 

Mrs. Gayle Retri 

Ms. Angela Phillips 

Ms. Lisa Picerno 

Mrs. Marie Rilieci 

Mr Gregory L Reid 

Mrs. Correne Richardson 

Mr J.S. Struan Robertson'84 

Mr W. Graydon Robson 

Mrs. Carol Rose-Kudelka 

Mr Michael D. Roy '85 

Mr Michael Ruscitti 

Mr. Steven Rush 

Mr. Ken Ryan 

Mrs. Sandra L. Scott 

Mr William S. Scoutar 

Mr Mark Sen/ice 

Mr Gregory Shields 

Mr Courtenay Shrimpton 
Mr. E.G. Staunton 
Mr David Stewart 
Mr Stuart D. Swan 
Mrs. Sherrill K. Toombs 
Mr Stephen R. Treasure 
Mr Nickolas Tsioros '88 
Mr John L Walden '71 
Mr Arthur Wenk 

Former Faculty 
AND Staff 

Mr. T Michael Adamson '44 
Ms. Jacqueline Beck 
Mr & Mrs. Robert R Bedard 
Mr & Mrs. Philip Day 
Mr & Mrs. Robin Eraser 
Mr A. Dennis Hemmings 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Fred Hiltz 

Archives Gifts 

Nancy Williams 

Photos from 1911 to 1918 belonging to her 

late father, Douglas B. Lockhart '18 
Joy Housser 

Canadian Army 'dog tags ' and a P.O. W. 

(Prisoner of War) tag from the Second 
B World War, worn by her late husband 

Captain John G. Housser '32 
Bob McLennan 

Thirty-six editions of the St Andrew's 

College Review from 1905-1961 
Fran Morris 

I A 1952 football helmet, sweater coat, an 
SA.C. pennant and S.A.C. crest belonging 
to the late Bob Haynes '53 
Roy [.Eddy '45 
^P Two crested sweaters, two SA.C. school 
boy caps and a tie 
Tom Munn '50 

tA trophy belonging to 
his late father Henley M. Munn '25 

The Hon. & Mrs. Thomas A. Hockin 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stan Macfarlane 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Mainprize 
Mr & Mrs. Rupert J. Ray 
Mr & Mrs. William R Sl(inner '47 
Mr & Mrs. R. Bruce Somerville 
Mr & Mrs. Courtney S. Stoats 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Stuart 
Mr & Mrs. Howard S. Tetlocl< 
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Timms 
Mr Marinus C. Van Dyk 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Warburton 
Mr & Mrs. Gary B. West 
The Rev. & Mrs. John M. Wilkie 
Mr & Mrs. George & Helen Williams 
fte /ate Mr. John L Wright 
Mrs. Helen Younder 


The Birks Family Foundation 

The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation 

The James Franceschini Foundation 

The Manchee Foundation 

The N.A. Taylor Foundation 

R. Howard Webster Foundation 

Sir Joseph Flaveile Foundation 

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation 

The W.P.Scott Charitable Foundation 

Donations to the Memorial 
Chapel Fund 

Ms. Pina AInakidis 

Mr & Mrs. Frank Britt 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Buckley 

Mr Gerald Demers 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Foreman 

Mr Providence Graziano 

Ms. Yvonne Jerrett 

Mr & Mrs. Clifford W. Lawrence 

Mr. Scott Mackenzie 

Mrs. Agnes McCullough 


Mrs. Natalie Pasij 

Miss Karen Sickle 

Miss Joanna Skinner 

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Smith 

Mrs. Ruth Stock 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Thompson 

Matching Gifts 

5/. Andrew's College would like to thank 

Corporations which, through an employee 

Matching Gift Program, support 

independent education: 

Clarica Life Insurance 

Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 

Pfizer Canada Inc. 

R. Howard Webster Foundation 



Please add the S.A.C. Foundation to 
your will, and for memorial gifts in 
the notice of your passing. Gifts will 
be permanently recorded in your name 
for the purpose you designate, or for 
scholarships and bursaries for 
deserving students. 

S.A.C. Foundation 
15800 Yonge Street 
Aurora, Ontario 
L4G 3H7 

>a* - 

h-k h h d • 


^ ^ * 

M€- ^. 



-,v • 

1 ^^ 



^^ .aJ^SB^H 

Hir § _ 


^- r , 4 

te Ti^-^ 


^ t € 



The Outreach Committee 

The purpose of the Outreach Committee 
is to impress upon students that as 
members of a community, whether 
local or international, they have 
a responsibility to others and that 
their help is needed. This mission is 
accomplished through regular charity 
fundraising. At the beginning of each 
school year newly elected members 
of the Outreach Committee choose the 
charity organizations they wish to 
support for that year and set goals 
regarding the level of support they 
would like to provide for each. They 
plan events at regular intervals 
throughout the school year to support 
their causes 
Outreach initiatives of 2001-02: 

• The 2nd Annual Terry Fox Run held in 
September was a success in every way 
raising $9,000 for cancer research. 
Over 450 students, staff and parents 

• The Bake Sale and Concession Stands 
at Homecoming were extremely well 
supported. Thanks to the efforts of 
numerous parent and student 
volunteers, a cheque for $2,000 was 
sent to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief 
Fund in memory of S.A.C. Old Boy, 
Donald Robson '67, who was lost in 
the September 11th attacks on the 
World Trade Centre. 

• The Annual Charity Coffee House, 
organized this year by graduating 
student Giancarlo Trimarchi, was 
spectacular. Attendance was 
phenomenal, the talent was 
incredible, there was an abundance 
of food provided by the Ladies' Guild, 
and fun was had by all. Moreover, a 
cheque for $2,000 was sent to Ontario 
Special Olympics. 

• In January, O.A.C. student Jordan 
Dudley spearheaded a campaign of 
toque sales to raise money for a 
foundation called Raising the Roof 
which provides support for homeless 
people across Canada. As a result of 
his efforts, Jordan was able to send 
off a cheque for $1,750. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Medal 

Award for Community Service, physical 

fitness, skill development and outdoor 

education was presented to Nicholas 

Weedon '02 by Captain Brian McCue. 

In addition to this prestigious award, 

Nicholas was presented with the 

Macdonald Medal, the School's top 

award for a graduating student. 

• Grade 12 student Adam Parent 
co-ordinated this year's Staff^Student 
basketball game in conjunction with 
a charity raffle. Almost $1,000 

was raised for the Wizard Foundation 
Charity Hockey Pool in support of 
Ontario Special Olympics. 

• The 2nd Annual World Vision 30 Hour 
Famine at St. Andrew's was organized 
this year by Grade 11 student Patrick 
McGrath. In total, almost $3,000 

was raised for World Vision. 

• Throughout the year the committee 
also raised $1,700 for such 
organizations as the United Way, 
CHUM CITY Christmas Wish 
Foundation, About Face International 
and the Aga Khan Foundation. 

Following are some highlights 
from the 2001-02 year: 
Grade 6 

• Perry Thomson: 79 hours volunteering 
at his church, a seniors' residence and 
at S.A.C. 

Grade 9 

• Ryan Luther: 140 hours at the historic 
site at Louisburg, Nova Scotia 

Grade 10 

• Faisal Ratansi: volunteered 116 hours 
mainly working with a child 

with cerebral palsy and at the hospital 

• Rahim Damji worked 86 hours at 
a Junior Kindergarten 

• JuNYAN Boon spent 80 hours as 
a Sports Counselor 

Grade 11 

• Chris Chmeil: 140 hours as an 
assistant at a Children's Day Camp 

• Geoff Delean: 177 hours in two years 
volunteering for everything. Geoff told 
me that he had never volunteered 
before coming to S.A.C. On his first 
outing, a clean up of Machell Park in 
Aurora, an older woman walking by 
stopped and thanked him. He said her 
words had such an impact on him that 
he has done as much volunteering as 
possible ever since! He is now on the 
Community Service Council and 
recently won the CS award for 
Grades 9-12 

• MacArthur Kane: 158 hours working 
with children and on food drives with 
his church 

• Joseph Leung: 40 hours in a hospital 

• Stuart Manchee: 476 hours at a 
summer camp 

• Breen Marien: 94 hours at 
Children's Aid 

• RiNGO No: 67 hours as a phone tutor 
and in a hospital 

Grades 12 and 13 

• Adam Parent: over 300 hours - worked 
at Camp St. Lucia, on the Outreach 
Committee and regularly volunteers 
at York County Hospital 

• Chris Chang: 100 hours at a hospital 

• Alex Chow: 414 hours at his church 

• Boris Mok: 50 hours with seniors 

• Kenneth Tam: 116 hours at hospitals, 
geriatric and wellness centres, while 
earning the highest average in 
Grade 13. 

Wendy Pries and Mark Service 
Community Service Coordinators 




Douglas A. Beatty 

died July 7, 2002, in Burlington, 
Ontario. Doug worked for the Liquor 
Control Board of Ontario in Burlington 
from 1927 until his retirement in 1965. 
Douglas was predeceased by his wife 
Leona and son Ronald and is survived by 
his son Robert and his family. Bob wrote 
The Andrean that his father's time at 
St. Andrew's had a great impact on 
his life. He had enjoyed reading The 
Andrean and could remember many 
of the men nf his jieriod. 

Bradley R. Rowell 

died at Sunnybrook Hospital in 
Toronto, on May 2, 2002. 

Bradley attended St. Andrew's in 
Rosedale from 1919-1923. Following 
St. Andrew's he attended Shaw Business 
College. He worked in the insurance 
business until the war broke out, when 
he joined the Canadian Army Medical 
Corps, and saw service overseas with 
Number Eight Canadian Hospital. 
Following the war he returned to the 
insurance business where he worked 
until his retirement in 1965. In his 
retirement years Bradley enjoyed 
travelling the world and visits to his 
cottage at Lakefield. A very loyal 
Andrean, he also enjoyed his visits 
to St. Andrew's from time to time 
for the Headmaster's Parade. 

Mr. Rowell left the School a very 
generous bequest in his will which has 
been directed to be invested by the 
S.A.C. Foundation with income to 
be used to fund scholarships and 
bursaries at the College. 


Mark Sprott 

died suddenly March 12, 2002, in 
North York, Ontario. Mark attended 
St. Andrew's for grades 6-13 and was 
a member of First Cricket. Following 
St. Andrew's, he graduated with a 
B.Comm. from the University of Toronto. 
When he retired in 1974, having spent 
33 years in Taxation, he was Director, 
Operations Research and Statistics 
Division, Systems and Planning Branch 
in the Statistical Department of the 
Government in Ottawa. Mark moved 
back to Toronto following his 
retirement. Many years ago, Mark 
was a Treasurer of the S.A.C. Old 
Boys' Association. 

He is survived by his wife Ruth, 
daughter Nancy, sons Douglas and 
Eric and their families; predeceased 
by his brother Henry, S.A.C. 1920-23. 

W. Hamilton Grass 

Q.C, BJV., LL.B., U.E. 

died March 22, 2002, in Toronto, 

While at St. Andrew's he was a 
scholar and member of First Football. 

W. Hamilton Grass '37 

Following St. Andrew's he attended 
the University of Toronto and Osgoode 
Hall Law School. Hamilton was a 
captain in the Royal Canadian Artillery, 
and Veteran of D Day He was called to 
the Bar of Ontario after returning from 
overseas in 1948. He was a life member 
of the Law Society of Upper Canada and 
partner in Cassels Brock & Blackwell 
who continued to attend his office 
until last year, despite his medical 
challenges. For many years Hammy 
served as the School's solicitor and 
as a member of the Board of 
Governors from 1960-83. 

He is survived by his wife Mary, 
sons Michael and John, daughter 
Jennifer, and brother Ruliff '40 , his 
nephew David '70 and their families. 
He was predeceased by his father, 
Robert E. Grass, S.A.C. 1904-08. 





Dr. John L. Wright 


David S. Barcuy 

Jack Wright, llouseiiiaster and Head 
of the Lower School. 1938-1964 

John L. (Jack) Wright died peacefully 
at his home in Peterborough Ontario, 
on September 5, 2002. He was in 
his 92nd year. Although Jacl< left 
St. Andrew's almost 40 years ago to 
found St. George's College in Toronto, 
his passing is felt by many Old Boys of 
St. Andrew's who remember him fondly. 

Rejoined St. Andrew's in 1938 and 
was soon appointed Housemaster and 
Head of the Lower School, a position 
he held until 1964. It is ironic that news 
of his passing was received just as The 
Andrean was about to go to press with 
a cover story on initiatives being 
undertaken by the new Housemaster 
of "Mac House", David Galajda. 

In remembering Jack, we must also 
remember his wife Connie, who for 
^ears was the surrogate mother for " 
' little Andreans as young as grade one 
who were boarders at the School before 
and during the Second World War. 

Jack was a graduate of the 
University of Toronto, Trinity College, 
where he earned a B.A. and was later 
awarded an Honourary Doctorate of 
Sacred Letters. A veteran of the 
Second World War, he was awarded 
the Efficiency Decoration. He was the 

recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal, 
a 32nd degree Mason and a member 
of Corporation, University of Toronto. 

His son, Jim '66, remembers that two 
of his sayings (as familiar as his pipe) 
will live on; "Manners Maketh Man" 
and "have a care." 

Generations of Old Boys will 
remember his wit, and his phenomenal 
memory for names, people and events, 
which he exhibited into his nineties. 

Jack Wright was a unique individual. 
He was like a father to many young boys 
placed in his care. His love of the Cadet 
Corps was a life-long passion. He was 
Commanding Officer for years, and as 
recently as three years ago returned 
to S.A.C. to present the John L. Wright 
Trophy for Best Cadet on the School's 
100th anniversary. 

The Wright family has created 
the John L. Wright Memorial Fund. 
Donations in his memory will be 
gratefully received by The St. Andrew's 
College Foundation. 

Jack's wife Connie and his children 
Heather and Bill '64 predeceased him. 
He leaves to mourn his daughter 
Mary and sons Jim '66 and David, 
grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 


Robert M. Doggett 

B.A.SC., P.Eng. 

died July 6, 2001, in Scarborough, 

Following graduation from St. 
Andrew's, Bob studied chemical 
engineering, graduated from the 
University of Toronto, Class of 1944, 
and was a member of the Professional 
Engineers of Ontario. After retirement 
from A.R. Clarke tannery, he enjoyed 
curling, scuba diving and travelling to 
exotic scuba diving locations with his 
son. He is survived by his wife Ailsa, 
who is also an engineer, and their 
son Hugh and family 

died April 22, 2002, in Collingwood, 

David was a proud member of the 
48th Highlanders of Canada. 

He is survived by his wife Dorothy, 
sons Bill and John and their families; 
he was predeceased by his twin brother 
John '46 and his father, W. Christie 
Barclay, S.AC. 1902-06. 


W.D. Markham Ingram 

died on May 6, 2002, in England. Mark 
came from Scotland to St. Andrew's 
during the war for grades 7-11. 

Mark wrote of his St. Andrew's 
memories for the School's Centennial 
publication of Not an Ordinary Place, 
saying he "started at S.A.C in the fall 
of 1940 as an evacuee from Scotland, 
leaving to return home in November 
1944. ...I am still grateful to David 
Ouchterlony for encouraging my early 
love of music. Now, with musical sons 
in their thirties, I realize that his piano 
teaching methods were years ahead of 
their time. He positively encouraged 
my playing by ear and experimenting 
with new chords in addition to the 
more orthodox acquisition of technical 
skills. He also had a good sense of fun." 

Mark attended the inaugural SAC.UK 
branch dinner held in November 1996. 

He is survived by his sons Andrew 
and David. 






Timothy I.F. Findley 

died June 20, 2002, in France, at 
the age of 71. 

'Tiff attended St. Andrew's for 
Grade 6 only and, not surprisingly, 
was tlie winner of the English Prize. 

An officer of the Order of Canada, 
he received numerous awards during his 
writing career, including two Governor 
General's awards for his novel The Wars 
and his phy Elizabeth Rex. France's 
highest distinction for achievement in 
the arts. Knight of the Order of Arts 
and Letters, was awarded him in 
Paris in 1996. 

In a letter to David Timms, 
Head of English in 1998, Tiff wrote: 

Please share with your colleagues - 
and your students - my sincere 
congratulations on tlie College's 
centennial - and my very best wishes 
for the future. " 

He was predeceased by his mother, 
father Allan G. Findley, S.A.C. Class of 
'22, and brother Michael, S.A.C. Class 
of '49; he is survived by his partner 
Bill Whitehead. 


Edgerton L, (Ted) Fletcher 

died suddenly in Guelph Hospital on 
June 13, 2002, while recovering from 
hip surgery. 

Ted attended S.A.C. 1948-52 and was 
a member of First Hockey. Following 
St. Andrew's he earned a B.A. in Hotel 
Administration at Michigan State 
College, then became a Chartered 
Accountant. He was Associate Professor 
at the University of Gueiph's School 
of Hotel and Food Administration. In 
retirement, he divided his time between 
the north country he loved, and Florida. 

Ted is survived by his wife Lorna 
and children Stewart and Janet. 

Robert Haynes 

died on April 3, 2002, in Toronto. 

Bob wori<ed in the insurance industry 
as a broker, was a teacher with the 
Insurance Institute and past president 
of the Toronto Brokers Association. 
He was a Mason and member of the 
Shrine Security Unit as well as a 
martial arts instructor. 

Bob enjoyed the year he spent 
in China in 2000 where he taught 
conversational English. 

He is survived by his son Joe, 
daughter Chenoa and their families; 
and by Fran Morris and her family. 
Fran very thoughtfully donated Bob's 
football helmet and sweater to the 
St. Andrew's Archives. 


H. Brent Nelson 

died March 10, 2002, at home 

in Courtice, Ontario. 
He attended S.A.C. 1947-53 
Brent was a former Manager of 

the Muskoka Division of Nelson Wood 

Products Ltd. and retired from M.G. 

Slater Lumber in Gormley, Ontario, 

in 1993. 
He is survived by his wife Ellen, 

daughters Kim and Kathy and son 

James Brent and their families. 


John Macdonald 

died February 11, 2002, while on 
vacation in Florida. 

John attended S.A.C. from 1955-61 
and was an award-winning broadcast 
journalist for 35 years with CFPL-TV in 
London, Ontario. He is survived by his 
wife Joanne, 
son Frazer and family 

Garry Payne 

died August 29, 2002, in Toronto. 

Garry spent many years with the 
marketing firm Young & Rubicam 
International in Toronto and retired 
as Executive Vice President. He opened 
a very successful office in Chile before 
returning to Toronto. He was an 
enthusiastic jazz guitarist and avid 
golfer and tennis player. He was on 
the Board of Covenant House where 
he was very involved in its growth 
and development. Garry is survived 
by his wife Rhoda and son Laurence. 


Garry Edwards 

died July 10, 2000, in Stroud, Ontario. 

Garry attended St. Andrew's for 
grades 9-13 and was a member of the 
Camera Club and the Judo Club for his 
last three years at S.A.C. He farmed 
at his home in Stroud. 


Christopher Esfakis 

passed away suddenly on April 23, 2002. 

Christopher attended St. Andrew's 
School in Nassau before joining 
St. Andrew's for grade 13. He is 
survived by his brother Andrew, S.A.C. 
class of 1981. Andrew's classmates 
Albert Harding and Roger Zonnenberg 
attended a service held in Nassau. 
Bahamas on April 27. 




Ian Jennings retired in December 2001, 
at the age of 86, from Jennings 
Engineering, specializing in 
construction materials. Ian and his 
wife Sarah live in Oakville, Ontario. 


Eric Rogers and his wife Brenda spend 
their winters in Ajicic, Mexico, where 
Eric enjoys watching the bull fights on 
TV. Summers are spent at their home in 
Orillia, Ontario. 


Andrew Lindsay, his wife Helen and 
their family members visited the School 
in July for the first time since Andrew 
graduated. The Lindsays were gathered 
from all over the world for a family 
reunion in Toronto. Andrew's nephew 
Paul '83 also visited with his wife 
and two daughters. 

Ted Medland has been named a 
Member of the Order of Canada for his 
contributions in the area of Industry, 
Commerce and Business. The Order 
of Canada recognizes people who have 
made a difference to the Country. 
The citation read; 

A model for younger generations, 
this investment banker demonstrates 
a strong sense of civic duty. As a 
founding director and later chair of the 
Board of the Ontario Teachers' Pension 
Plan, he helped it achieve international 
recognition as one of the leading public 
sector plans of its kind. He has also 
served on the board of several 
prominent Canadian companies, 
including The Thomson Corporation, 
Abitibi-Consolidated and Canada Trust. 
As well, he inspires his peers and uses 
his business acumen to benefit cultural 
and health organizations, notably 
the Wellesley Hospital. 


Chris Smith won seventeen medals and 
broke ten Canadian Records and one 

Bill Buchanan, pictured seated above, received the High Commissioner's Award in 
London, England, last March. The award is given "to that member of the Canadian 
community who has brought to Britain, by his or her example, the best of what we are at 
home, as contributors and volunteers, good and caring Canadians." It comes as a result of 
Bill's work for the disabled since 1979, when he was permanently confined to a wheelchair 
after a farming accident. This work has been tireless and includes an appointment as 
Canadian National's Advisor to British Railways Board on Disability, working with the U.K. 
giant in equipping trains and stations to better seive disabled travellers. He also serves as 
Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales on disability matters. Bill modestly describes his years 
at S.A.C. from 1936-40 an "an epic of obscurity"; however, his long and varied careers in 
publishing in Toronto and Montreal and with Canadian National Railways as General 
Manager for Europe were distinguished and influential. 

The photo shows Bill at the awards ceremony with wife Libby and Canadian High 
Commissioner Jeremy Kinsman. Mr. Kinsman said the prestigious award was bestowed on 
Bill "not only for your work at Canadian National but especially your work in favour of 
better access and understanding for wheelchair people, which altered this country's 
facilities and attitudes. We wish to underline that, for generations of expatriate Canadians, 
you both have been role models of generosity, elegance and achievement." 

It is significant to note that Bill has been President or Chairman of every Canadian 
organization in Britain and the only commoner and non high-commissioner ever to 
chair dinners at the prestigious Canada Club in its 192 year history. 

Photo credit: 

World Record last spring while a 
member of an Ontario Masters Swim 
Team at the Australian National Masters 
Championship and in New Zealand at 
the World Masters Championships, 
following which he returned to Toronto 
and swam for the Toronto YMCA at 
the Ontario Championship. 

Stan Macfarlane returned for the Fifty 

Year Reunion — Headmaster's Parade in 

May. Stan and his wife Marie are retired 

and living in Toronto. 


David Lucie-Smith had a visit from Bill 
Hill '53 and his wife Joyce last February. 



Dr. Charles Malcolmson '52 was the Reviewing Oificer at the annual Cadet Corps Inspection — fifty years after he was Cadet Commanding Officer. 

Charles practises medicine in Hamilton, Ontario. 

David enjoyed showing them some 
Aussie surf and the Sunshine Coast 
north of Brisbane where he lives. 

1957 ~ 

Jim Wyse, President of Burrowing 
Owl Estate Winery Ltd., entered into 
an agreement which gives the Wyse 
family and associated shareholders 
100% control of the Burrowing Owl 
winery and an associated 114 acres of 
property, most of it vineyard. Burrowing 
Owl is a premium winery, located in the 
Okanagan Valley south of Oliver, B.C., 
which produces about 16,000 cases of 
wine annually. All of the winery's grapes 
are from the 288-acre Burrowing Owl 
Vineyards, most of which were planted 
between 1994 and 1997. Burrowing Owl 
Estate Winery is proceeding with 
$500,000 of improvements to the 
property, including completion of the 
winery's tasting room and hospitality 
facilities, a viewing tower, as well as 
site landscaping to be completed for 
the 2003 season. 


Ca$h Belden retired from George 
Brown College where he was Senior 
Programmer Analyst. He wrote that 
he enjoys curling, golfing, canoeing. 

camping and boating and looks forward 
to a cross-Canada trip next year. 

1962 ~ 

Malcolm Black married Gretchen Miller 
of Buffalo, New York, on June 1st, 2002, 
at the Queen City Yacht Club, Toronto 
Islands. Their guests were transported 
on a fleet of 20 antique boats. The 
reception in the evening was a 
fundraiser for the Toronto Boat Museum 
which is a charity to benefit inner city 
kids. The theme for the event was 
the 'Great Gatsby'. 


Bill Westfall published "The Founding 
Moment: Church, Society and the 
Construction of Trinity College", 
University of Toronto. Trinity College is 
celebrating 150 years in education this 

This fine group of Andreans gathered 

in April for lunch and reminiscences. 

Back (1-r): David Rogers, Mike Rothery, 

Doug Rowan, Art Kayser 

Front (1-r): Dave McMaster, Dan 

Routledge, Iain Gurr 

Gage Love retired in June from Royal 

St. George's College in Toronto. Over a 

twenty-eight year career at the school he 

taught English, History and Geography 

and served as Head of Guidance 

from 1986-1996. 

year. The University of Trinity College 
and McGill Queen's University Press 
announced the publication of Bill's book 
and held a Book Launch at a reception 
last April at Trinity College. Bill is a 
Professor, Humanities and History, 
at York University, and Larkin Stuart 
Lecturer 2001. 


Steve McPhail studied theatre and 
film at Ryerson, and spent many years 



St. Andrew's Development Officers 

Michael Roy' 85 and Sarah Dame join 

Jim with the award. 

Jim Herder was the recipient of The Sam 
Heaman Award for distinguished service to 
the Canadian Association of Independent 
Schools at a Conference held last spring 
in British Columbia. 

It is awarded for outstanding service 
to CAISDO, the Canadian Association of 
Independent School Development Officers, 
by an individual who has shown exemplary 
leadership and commitment to the profession 
and enhanced the development field in the 
world of Independent School Philanthropy 
in Canada. In proposing Jim for this award, 
Brian Iggulden, Director of Development 
and Alumni Affairs at Ridley College, wrote, 
in part; "Ji7ii's experience in the publishing 
business obvioiisly served him well and the 
skills he has brought to TheAndrean have 
made that school publication one of the 
most attractive I have seen in North 
America. I have no idea what Jim wears 
under his S.A.C. kilt, but I do know he is 
St. Andrew's to the heart. His pride of school, 
his ranging involvement and fierce loyalty 
to St. Andrew's and his unwavering focus 
identify him as one of the most respected 
representatives and best ambassadors of any 
CAIS member instittition. He is, simply put, 
Mr S.A.C. During his tenure at St. Andrew's 
the school's endowment has grown from, 
$1.3 million to $15.9 million; several major 
building and renovation projects have been 
completed; the school's impressive 
Centennial celebrations were conducted 
under his guidance and there is so much 
more. . . And, he has been obligingly 
available as a consultant and mentor to 
many CAISDO members both neiv and old. ' 

working as a staging technician for 
theatre, film, television and concert 
events. Recently, Steve worl<ed as a 
project coordinator for a non-profit 
aboriginal organization called Frontiers 
Foundation Inc. coordinating the 
construction of new homes or 
renovations for eight Metis families 
and produced a documentary called 
"Wakaigon at Upsala". He is active on 
the Board of Directors for Frontiers' 
first affordable housing complex, the 
first project of the City of Toronto's 
'Let's Build' program. 

1968 ~ 

David Scott and his business partner 
started their own management 
consulting company two years ago in 
South Africa. They work with groups 
of people to form a company, then 
contract out their services in hopes 
this will get some people on track to 
economic prosperity in a country with 
much poverty and inequality. David, a 
long-time citizen of South Africa, is a 
chartered accountant and most recently 
was in the pharmaceutical business. 


Jim Brickman founded Brick Brewing Co. 
Limited in 1984. Brick is credited with 
being one of the pioneers of the 

present-day beer renaissance in Canada. 
Brick beers are all natural, containing 
no additives or preservatives, and their 
Waterloo Dark is one of the fastest- 
growing craft beers in Ontario. 
Brick trades on the TSE under 
the symbol BRB. 


Raymond Leung is Chairman of C&L 
China Business Consultancy Ltd., 
a company involved with project 
management/IT in China. 


John Hodges recently completed his 
OAC, something he opted out of when 
he left St. Andrew's. John holds a 
certificate in Human Services from 
McMaster University, from Open College 
Ryerson University in Gerontology, and 
diplomas in radio broadcasting and 
bookkeeping. John lives in Windsor, 
Ontario, where he is taking care of 
his parents. 


Martin Henderson and his wife Suzanne 
announce the birth of their daughter, 
Nicola Josephine Enid, on March 19, 
2002, in Toronto; a sister 
for D'Arcy. 

Uoug Munn '75 (left) looks on as Jim Herder '64 presents the Herder Sdiolaiship to 

Matthew Crane of St. John's in July. Matthew is the third recipient of the award which goes 

to a Newfoundlander who excels in sports and academics. Jim has provided the School with 

a planned gift in order to fund this award in perpetuity. Doug Munn is the President of 

the S.A.C. Association Branch in Nevrfoundland. 



Class of '79's Rob Hepburn and Mike 

Edwards golfing with friend Jamie 

Campbell in Arizona last spring. They 

were getting in shape for the Manhattan 

Open Golf Tournament sponsored by Don 

Mackay 70 at his Muskoka Highlands 

Golf Course in June. Jack Smith was the 

winner of a raffle prize consisting of two 

round-trip air fares from Buffalo to 

Phoenbc and five rounds of golf. 

Participating resorts and courses were 

Gold Canyon, Painted Mountain, ASU 

Karsten, San Marcos and the Point at 

South Mountain. All proceeds benefit the 

Charlie Edwards Scholarship Fund at 

St. Andrew's. 

Eric Jolliffe graduated in January 
from the University of Toronto's 
Rotman School of Management and is a 
Superintendent with the York Regional 
Police in Newmarket. Eric is a member 
of the Traffic Committee of the Ontario 
Association of Chiefs of Police. The 
Committee deals with policy practice 
and standards of federal, provincial and 
municipal police organizations as they 
relate to traffic enforcement, accident 
investigation, records, patrol, 
organization, administration and safety. 

Gary Lawrence sent his best wishes 
for the 'Year of the Horse' from his 
home in Hong Kong. Gary continues 
as Managing Partner with Capital Z 
Asia Limited. 

Richard Rankin is Managing Director 
of Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated 
and has recently relocated back to 
New York with the firm. 


David Offen created and runs The Polo 
Players Support Group, Inc. to provide 
financial assistance to seriously injured 
or ill polo players and grooms. RPS.G. 
promotes fundraising events across the 
country. The kickoff event was the 40- 

goal Rob Walton Challenge 
at Royal Palm Polo in February 2002. 
The efforts of many volunteers and the 
generosity of all the sponsors and donors 
helped improve the quality of Rob's 
life tremendously 

Fred Tamm is the representative 
for Salamander Industrie Products 
in Mexico. He sells bonded leather 
produced in Germany for the shoe and 
leather-goods industry. Fred lives in 
Leon with his wife Alicia and daughters 
Anna Gabriela, Mariane and Maria Paola. 


Chris Ball '81 (left), sent The Andrean 
this photo with Eduardo Castro '80 in 
Guadal^ara, Mexico. Eduardo has ALS 
(Lou Gehrig's disease), a fatal disease 
which causes a gradual degeneration of 
muscle control to the point of complete 
paralysis. Eduardo was diagnosed in 1998 
and has thus far the use of his legs 
and partial use of his arms and fingers. 
Remarkably, he remains quite cheerful 
and positive, trying to make the best of 
every day he has. He is determined to 
eryoy what time remains with his wife 
and two children ages 9 and 12. Chris 
wrote, "I can't imagine the courage it 
takes for him and his family at this point. 
He told me that he is still working, but 
may not be able to for much longer, 
depending on the speed of 
the disease". 




Andrew Gregg and his wife Leanne 
Stepnow announce the birth of Katrin 
Mackay on May 9, 2002 in Toronto; "a 
sister/tormentor for Charlotte, 3," 
wrote Andrew. 

George Jackson and his wife Gina 
announce the birth of their daughter 
Grace last year in Kingston, Ontario; 
a sister for Lauren, 4. 

Ken Marshall is C.E.O. and General 
Manager of Country Lane Golf Club Ltd. 
in Port Colborne, Ontario. 

Paul Stanborough has joined CIBC 
in Toronto as Vice President, Operations 
and Services, working in the area of 
retail and small business lending. Paul 
and his wife Elizabeth and their three 
sons are living in Toronto. Paul was 
previously Director of Fraud Operations 
with Capital One in Richmond, Virginia. 

Frank Volckmar has moved to 
Turramurra, NSW, Australia, and is 
looking after corporate marketing 
for Citect Pty. Ltd., a global industrial 
software company Frank writes that his 
family is looking forward to seeing the 
sights and visiting with fellow Andreans. 

Stephen Wong is Executive Director of 
Edward Wong Development Co. Ltd. in 
Kowloon, Hong Kong. He has a Master's 
degree from the Graduate School of 
Business at Stanford University where 
he was a Sloan Fellow, a Bachelor's 
degree in Business Administration with 
emphasis in Real Estate Finance and 
Development and a Bachelor's degree in 
Architecture, both from the University 
of Southern California. Stephen and his 
wife Lisa have five sons, Ryan, Ivan, 
Byron, Colin and Aaron ranging in age 
from 7 to 1. His brother Bart '79 is a 
Director of the firm. 

1982 ~ 

John Kinnaird is Principal at Rotherglen 
School's Neyagawa Campus in Oakviile, 
Ontario. Rotherglen is a Montessori 
School for J-K to grade 8. 

Paul Stephenson and his wife Diane 
announce the birth of their son Jack 
Derek on August 8, 2001, in Toronto. 




Greg Waghorne works at Kinetics 
Modular Systems Inc. in Concord, 
Ontario, suppliers to the BioPharm 
industry. Greg and his wife Teresa live 
in Innisfil with their sons, Marcus, 11, 
and Jason, 7. 

1983 ~ 

Paul Lindsay, his wife Sheila, and 
daughters Monica and Madison visited 
St. Andrew's during the summer while 
in Toronto for a Lindsay clan reunion. 
Paul and his family live in The 
Woodlands, Texas. 

1984 ~ 

Mark Lundy is living in Taiwan 
where he is teaching English and 
playing saxophone and flute in a 
band at local clubs. 

Andrew Mahfood is a chartered 
accountant and Finance Director 
with Wisynco Group in Spanish Town, 
Jamaica. Andrew and his wife Caroline 
have a daughter Lauren, 10, and sons 
Joshua, 8 and Jake, 6. 

GoRD Marshall manages the sales 
operations for Relizon, a business 
communications firm in Toronto which 
he joined last January. This change 
allows Gord to spend more time with his 
wife Sue and daughters Victoria, 9, and 
Nicole, 6. He spent the last three years 
running a body armour company which 
involved travel all over Canada, the 
U.S. Mexico and Asia. 

Struan Robertson writes: "What bring 
five Old Boys from four countries to a 
fifth for a ski holiday 19 years after 
graduation? — bonds established in a 
boarding school, an idea, a little 
encouragement, email and minimal 
coordination. I had skied Chamonix 
once before at fifteen years of age while 
on the5.yl.C. in France program, not 
knowing that I was to return 20 years 
later to be introduced to the real 
Chamonix with a group of eight adults, 
four of them S.A.C. Old Boys who 1 had 

Drew Eide married Kirsten Groves in Brisbane, Australia, on March 16, 2002. The ceremony 

took place in a small chapel reminiscent of the Memorial Chapel at S.A.C. Brent Kelly was 

Best Man and Todd Dow and Paul Keating were groomsmen. Wedding guests included 

Brent's parents. The singing of 'Amazing Grace' and 'Lord of the Dance' brought 

back memories of past St. Andrew's Carol Services. 

(lia\(l(in Ciagg and his wife Elizabeth announce the birth of their son Graydon Sinclair 

on February 19, 2002, in Orillia, Ontario; a brother for Bronwyn, 4. This was an encore 

performance in the delivery room for Dr. James Menlove '93 (right), whose first-ever 

delivery was Bronwyn in 1998. Rounding out the S.A.C. reunion was anaesthetist Dr. Steven 

DePiero '88. The Craggs live in Orillia, Ontario, which boasts, among other things, 

an evidently superior doctor recruitment program! 



not seen in nearly eleven years. There 
had been talk of Jackson Hole, but the 
espresso 1 was drinking in the Geneva 
Airport cafe was a reminder that 
classmates David Faulkner, Alejandro 
Suarez, Mike Wansbrough and 1 also 
got our first real taste of France on 
the S.A.C. in France program in grade 
eleven. In fact, 1 doubt another resort 
for this particular gathering stood a 
chance — besides, Dave swore by the 
French ski guides he and Bruce had 
skied with as making skiing the 
rugged 'off-piste' slopes of 
Chamonix beyond compare. 

One of the best things about going 
to a boarding school is that the friends 
you make are going to go places, 
literally. Many came from overseas — 
Dave and Bruce Faulkner '85 lived in 
Saudi Arabia, Libya and the U.S. while 
attending S.A.C., and Alejandro was 
from Mexico City. Dave Faulkner and I 
discussed how boarding school families 
are usually very close, something the 
uninitiated might assume otherwise. 
Perhaps absence does make the heart 
grow fonder. Yet boarding parents 
sacrifice the daily contact with their 
children to give them an opportunity 
to grow and enlarge their family circle 
to include friendships with classmates 
that most would consider/ami/?/.'' 

Peter Smith and his wife Tracy 
announce the arrival of their son 
Jason Norman Peter on July 2, 2002, 
in Markham, Ontario. 

David Wilson and his wife Lori announce 
the birth of their daughter Anna Beatrice 
on January 30, 2002, in Oakville, Ontario; 
a sister for Grace, 4. David is a bond 
trader and Deputy Chief Dealer at 
RBC Financial Group in Toronto. 

Gus Zachos and his wife Stacy announce 
the birth of Victoria Nicole on February 
14, 2002, in Richmond Hill; a sister for 
Kassandra, 6, and Thomas, 4. 


Richard Cope is an industrial electrician 
at Ford of Canada in Oakville, Ontario. 
Richard and his wife Maria have 
daughters, Angela, 14 and Rachel, 12, 
and a son, David, 7. 

John Lamensa and his wife Kathryn 
MacNabb announce the recent birth 
of their son William in Kanata, Ontario; 
a brother for Matthew, 3. John is an 
Obstetrician/Gynecologist working 
in Ottawa. 


Robert Banglmaier, M.Sc, earned a 
Doctor of Optometry degree at the 
University of California - Berkeley in 
1996, and is working at Casco Bay 
Eyecare in Portland, Maine. Robert 
and his wife Sian Liem have a 
daughter Mia Lily 1. 

Jean-Marc Davis is President/Owner of 
Pinnacle Homes Inc. in St. George, 
Barbados. Jean-Marc and his wife 
Lisa have three daughters, Abigail, 8, 
Madelyn, 4, and Sydney 1. 


Brian Coulson and his wife Tamara 
announce the birth of their daughter 
Makenna Ann in Granite Bay, California, 
on September 18, 2001; a sister for 
Brennan Brian, 3. 

EuGENio DoMiNGUEZ earned a degree in 
Civil Engineering from Universidad 
Iberoamericana in 1994. Eugenie is 
Production Manager at Doyca S.A. 
de C.V., the family business which 
manufactures mould injection 
plastics in Mexico. 

(1-r) Doug '86, Jeff '91 and Andrew '91 
Metcalfe pictured at JefTs wedding to 
Shayla Lewendon in Kelowna, British 
Columbia, on Februaiy 16th, 2002. The 
couple recently purchased a new home 
in Surrey, B.C., where Jeff continues to 
work as a member of the Surrey RCMP 
Street Crime Unit. 

John Dunlap and his wife Raphaela 
recently moved from New York City to 
Toronto. After ten years with The 
Boston Consulting Group in Toronto, 
Paris and New York, John joined Moffat 
Dunlap Real Estate as an Associate 
Broker. The firm specializes in sales 
of country properties in the Greater 
Toronto Area. 

Mark Fell and his wife Dawn announce 
the birth of James Anthony Donald on 
April 12, 2002, in Toronto; a brother 
for Adam, 2. Mark recently joined RBC 
Investments in Toronto, where he is 
responsible for business-wide strategy 
and enterprise initiatives. 



keep us informed 
of your changes! 

PHONE 905.727.3178 

FAX 905.841.6911 


St. Andrew's College 

Advancement Office 

15800 Yonge Street 

Aurora, Ontario L4G 3H7 




Mark Etherington married Katie Vanderbeek on February 2, 2002. Attending the wedding 

were 1992 classmates (1-r) Brent Riopelle, Stuart Smith, Jon Ginou, Carl Milroy, 

Mark's brother Sean '94, the bride, brother Paul '95, the groom, Mark Shillum, 

Darcy Montgomery, Dan Nelles, Mike DeAngelis and Doug Andrews. 


Craig Dingman is a Doctor of 
Chiropractic practising at the Fresh 
Wave Family Chiropractic Centre 
in Aurora. 

Mike Dodson earned a B.A. in English 
at the University of Western Ontario in 
1993 and is now a television producer 
at Aquila Productions in Edmonton, 
Alberta. Mike and his wife Melissa 
have a son, Nicholas Michael, 1. 

Jeff Fox is Director of Sales with 
Transamerica Life/Aegon Fund 
Management in Toronto. Jeff and his 
wife Lynn announce the recent birth 
of their daughter Sydney in Oakville. 

Erik Igel and his wife Nicole announce 
the recent birth of their daughter 
Isabella Cornelia in Greenwood, Ontario. 

Rob Pollock and his wife Michelle 
announce the arrival of John William 
on June 7, 2002, in Toronto. 

Ed Seagram and his wife Anna announce 
the birth of their son Liam Frowde on 
May 9, 2002, in Toronto. 

Nick Tsioros and his wife Buffy are 
pleased to announce the birth of their 
second daughter, Samantha Lucy, on 
March 29, 2002, in Newmarket; 
a sister for Cassandra, 4. 

Peter van Nostrand and his wife 
Jennifer announce the birth of their 
daughter Rebecca Meredith on May 3, 
2002. The van Nostrand family lives 
in Sharon, Ontario. 

1989 ~ 

Geoff Fell and his wife Martha 
announce the birth of their daughter 
Jacqueline Elizabeth, on June 19, 2002, 
in Toronto; a first grandchild for 
Shari and Tony Fell '59. 

Jason Lessif and his wife Pamela 
announce the birth of their son Carson 
on Jason's birthday November 21st, 
2000; a brother for Mikaela, 4. The 
Lessifs live in Aylmer, Ontario, and 
own and operate the McDonald's 
Restaurant in Tillsonburg. 

Stephen-Timms graduated with 
an M.B.A. from McGill University 
last spring . 

1990 ~ 

Mike Alexander is President and owner 
of Cape Contract Furniture Inc., a 
manufacturer of office furniture in 
Toronto. Micheal and his wife Lisa 
have a daughter, Gabrielle, 2. 

Mike Armstrong is a Corporate 
Account Manager at Crystal Decisions, 
a software company in Vancouver, B.C. 

Ken Ketchum married Angel Poisson in 
Ottawa, Ontario, on October 20, 2001. 
Ken works as an economist at the 
Federal Department of Finance in 
Ottawa, and still finds time to play 
guitar in a local band named 
'moral hazard'. 

Joe Morin married Rebecca Staunton 
on August 16, 2002, in the College 
Chapel. Rebecca is the eldest daughter 
of S.A.C.'s Headmaster Ted Staunton 
and his wife Jane. 


JoN Ginou is working at Art Printing Co. 
where he is involved in U.S.A. sales. 
Jonathan is playing league soccer with 
Andreans Carl Milroy '92, Darren McNair 
'95, Mark Shillum '92, the Etherington 
brothers — Mark '92, Sean '94 and Paul 
'95 — and his own brothers. Josh '94, 
Dan '98 and Jeff '02. Jon reports "the 
competitiveness we enjoyed at S.A.C. 
remains". Jon, Mike DeAngelis and 
Stu Smith participated in their 5th 
consecutive triathlon in June. 

Ian Michael is in the Corporate Finance 
and Mergers and Acquisitions Group at 
McCarthy Tetrault LLP Ian continues 
to run and cross-country ski, and enjoys 
flying, having earned his pilot's license 
two years ago. 

Courtney Powers is attending the 
McCombs Graduate School of Business 
at the University of Texas in Austin. 

Brent Riopelle is Manager of The Crows 
Nest Pub in Newmarket and invites 
Old Boys to drop in and say hello. 

Michael Worry is a member of a 
California-based Battlebots team they 
call Clan MacCanlKill which has 
named their robot BravePart. The team 
uniform includes kilts. One of their 
four 'fights' was taped for television on 
Comedy Central. They think it might be 
'cool' to have an S.A.C. piper pipe them 
into the ring some time in the future! 




James Brown married Samantha 
Roddick on July 6, 2002, in the 
Memorial Chapel at St. Andrew's. 
The couple lives in Ottawa. 

Marcus Gillam earned a B.Sc. Civil 
Engineering (Hons.) from Queen's in 
1997. Marcus is studying for an MBA at 
the Rotterdam School of Management 
in the Netherlands and will graduate 
in March 2003. He is taking part in an 
exchange to Japan for four months 
this fall. Also in his class is Andrew 
Zwingenberger '92. 

Tom Hockin relocated from Seattle with 
Softchoice to open their new branch 
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Rob Leckey graduated from the Faculty 
of Law at McGill University, where he 
received the gold medal for his class. 
Rob has begun a one-year clerkship 
at the Supreme Court of Canada 
in Ottawa. 

Nick McQuire recently joined Pyramid 
Research, formerly Economist Group 
Company, as an Analyst, Western 
Europe, working closely with the 
Economist Intelligence Unit. Nick 
will concentrate on fixed, wireless 
and Internet/media markets within 
the global communications industry, 
focusing on France and Germany 

Bernie Micalizzi completed a marathon 
in March, and will be participating in a 
half marathon at Kiawah Island, S.C, a 
golf resort outside of Charleston. Bernie 
is running for Carolina Team in Training 
to raise funds for the Leukemia and 
Lymphoma Society in North Carolina. 

1994 ~~ 

Kevin Armstrong was recently promoted 
to Portfolio Analyst in the Investment 
Management group of Frank Russell 
Canada, with responsibilities on their 
U.S. and International Equity Funds. 

Victor Hyman and his wife Sara 
announce the birth of their daughter 
Orly Bracha on March 8, 2002, in 
Hamilton, Ontario; a sister for 
Devorah, L 

Tito Sealy earned a B.Sc. in Biology 
from Dalhousie in 1998, a B.Sc. in 
Management from the University 
of Tampa in 2000, and is a junior 
consultant at Corporate Renaissance 
Group in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Alfredo Villegas-Camil is working for 
Citigroup's PBG (Private Bank Group) 
in Mexico City, where he has been for 
the past year. 


Charlie Perowne and Denise announce 
the birth of their son Ronan on May 18, 
2002, a birth date he shares with 
Charlie; a brother for Savhana, 2. 

Rudhra Persad is in management 
training for the oil and gas exploration 
and development industry in Trinidad. 
Rudhra visited St. Andrew's last spring. 

1996 ~ 

Kam Chan earned a BASc. in 
Environmental Engineering at the 
University of Waterloo in the spring. 
Kam is working in Los Angeles at 
Komex, an international environmental 
consulting and engineering company 
which provides leading-edge technology 
to industries and governments 

Neil McTaggart is a chef working at 
Summerhill Market in the Rosedale 
area of Toronto. 

Ted Mercer had the honour last spring 
of piping in Lieutenant Governor James 
Bartleman and U.S. Secretary of 
State Madeleine Albright at a dinner 
in Toronto. Ted is a Chartered 
Accountant with KPMG in Toronto. 


Abe Choi is enrolled in McMaster 
University's medical programme. 
Abe earned an Honours degree in 
Life Sciences from Queen's University 
last year 

Bren Christie graduated from the 
University of Toronto in 2001 and is 
training at Graham Thompson & Co. 
in preparation to read law at the 
University of Birmingham this fall. 

Glenn Cowan wrote recently that, 
while serving with Princess Patricia's 
Canadian Light Infantry, and was in 
Dubai, UAE, for a little 'R&R', and quite 
literally bumped into S.A.C. classmate 
Hugh Long in a pub. Glenn is a 
Lieutenant who served with Canada's 
military effort in Afghanistan. Hugh 
was there for a similar reason with 
the British Royal Marines. Glenn 
plans to visit S.A.C. soon. 

Michael Graaf is now Sales Manager 
at Reha Enterprises Ltd., distributors 
of bath and beauty products, located 
in Mississauga, Ontario. 

Dan Herce graduated with a B.A. 
in Economics from the University 
of Western Ontario and a diploma 
in Business Administration Marketing 
from Fanshawe College. Dan is 
currently working as an Information 
Systems Analyst for Ozz Corporation 
in Richmond Hill, Ontario. 







Old Boys in attendance at Chris and Jennie's wedding included; 

(1-r) John Clarke '90 with daughter Caroline, Shane Marshall '89, Sean Callendar '89, James Barton '90, Chris, Adam Long '8 

Marcus Yang '90, Ted Shaw '90, Jim Herder '64 and Robert Pritchard '70. 


Chris Armaly and Jennie Albury were married on March 30, 2002, at the Port New 

Providence Club in Nassau, Bahamas, in a ceremony conducted by Gordon Albury, 

brother of the bride. 

YiNG Kiu Mao earned a B.A.Sc. in Civil 
and Environmental Engineering at the 
University of Toronto last year, and 
is studying for an M.A.Sc. in Civil 
Engineering at U of T. 

Fred Perowne spent a "fascinating 
season" playing hockey in Croatia after 
earning a B.A. in History at Colby 
College in the U.S. The opportunity 
arose through a St. Andrew's/Al Dunford 
connection when Fred sent a resume to 
Dave Hyrsky, Head Coach of Kokej Klub 
Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Mike 
Brewer '88, Rob Mantrop '92 and Geoff 

Brennagh '94 shared their hockey 
experiences overseas, but none of their 
helpful words could have prepared Fred 
for that late January night in Zagreb, 
Croatia. A long bus ride from Novi Sad 
took them along a little-used highway 
to a deserted border crossing where a 
Croatian border patrol escorted them 
to the arena. Fred writes; "From the 
initial drop of the puck, the game took 
on a life of its own, much like those 
wonderful Friday night games at the 
Aurora Community Centre. The crowd 
chanted throughout the first period. At 
each whistle however, things began to 

change. Lighters, coins, rocks and even 
pieces of brick rained down from the 
crowd. It did not take long for attention 
to turn from trying to create scoring 
opportunities to basic self-protection! 
To the delight of the home crowd, they 
scored early ... and often. Final score, 
10 to 4! When 1 asked my Serbian 
teammate what the crowd had been 
singing, he replied solemnly, "Kill, Kill, 
Kill the Serbians!" In comparison, we 
had a great relationship with those 
little blue smurfs from Upper Canada!" 

Victor Richards earned a degree from 
the University of Western Ontario and 
is studying for a Masters in Law in 
Bristol, England. 

1998 ~ 

Chris Fusco graduated from Queen's 
University. Chris is now working as a 
junior consultant on strategy cases 
and on insurance matters as well with 
Donnelly Management Advisory 
Services in Aurora. 

Mark Landry graduated with a B.Comm. 
(Hon.) in Finance from Queen's 
University in the spring. Mark is 
working as an Analyst in investment 
banking at National Bank Financial 
while concurrently studying for the 
CFA designation. 




Jamie MacPherson '99, seen here with Prime Minister Jean Chretien, worked in the 
Minister of Health OiTice in Ottawa during the summer. 

Will Mercer earned an Honours BBA 
with a Minor in Economics from Wilfrid 
Laurier University where he was on 
the Dean's list. 

Jamie Taylor graduated in the spring 
with a B.Sc. with a major in Hotel 
Management from Lebanon Valley 
College in Pennsylvania. He was 
named to the Eastern College Athletic 
Conference second all-star team after 
becoming the first player in the Flying 
Dutchmen program to surpass 100 
career points. Jamie was a key 
performer in the NCAA Division 111 
school's rise to a place among the top 
hockey programs at the collegiate level 
in the United States, earning 142 points, 
including a 44-point campaign in this 
past season. 

1999 ~ 

Chris Wakefield is attending the 
University of Western Ontario studying 
for an Honours History degree. 


John Lyons and S.A.C. classmates Mike 
Campbell and Cameron Steed placed 
first in the World FilnWideo Festival 
for their environmental video What a 
Wonderful World which they produced 
in Mr. Galajda's Environmental Science 
class. For their efforts, the boys won 
$2400 U.S. and letters of recognition 
from the World Population Film 
Festival. Their video finished first in 
Canada in the 9th Annual Canadian 
High School Conservation Video 
Contest, winning them a digital camera 
and letters of recognition from the 
United Nations Environment Program. 
A quick check on the 'World Population 
Film Festival' website shows that they 
were up against many U.S. College 
Visual Art schools in their category. 
Congratulations to Mike, John and 
Cameron - their Environmental 
Video continues to make a difference! 

Jeff Ginou had these comments about 
Pope John Paul's visit to Strawberry 
Island on Lake Simcoe following the 
Pontiff's boat tour on board The Blue 
Sapphire, a 10-metre, three-deck cabin 
cruiser belonging to Mr. Ginou: "For me 
it was very exciting and a great honour 
to meet the Pope. At the end of the 
cruise we knelt down in front of him 
and he blessed my three brothers, my 
father, and me, individually And he 
blessed my S.A.C. football ring which 
1 was wearing. I don't think anyone else 
on the team will be able to say that!" 


Alex Camargo wrote that he went to 
the World Youth Day, as a part of his 
summer job! Through a program called 
Project El Sembrador and a government 
grant, Alex worked with people from 
Mexico who do seasonal work in the 
Holland Marsh. With another student 
from Guelph University, he arranged 
buses for 94 workers to attend the Mass 
celebrated by Pope John Paul II at 
Downsview Park. They got fairly close to 
the altar considering that about 800,000 
people were there. Much of the time 
Alex spent translating for the workers, 
as the Pope spoke Spanish for a very 
limited time and most of the workers 
don't speak English. "To see such a 
gathering of people my age seemed 
surreal — and to see them so 
enthusiastic was amazing!" wrote Alex. 
"I had two very memorable moments 
that day One was talking to a middle- 
aged man from Germany who told me 
that seeing all these excited young 
people was very emotional and 
invigorating for him. The other moment 
was when one of the Mexican migrants 
thanked me for taking him there and 
told me he would never forget that day." 


Originally The Review was published three times a year, at Christmas, Easter and Mid Summer. The 
final Easter edition was in 1932. The Review became an actual "yearbook" with the 1958-59 edition. 




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